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#40 - HolyArachnid
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Later that day, Homer ran out to catch the ice cream truck.

Max: "Ah, there's my best customer! What'll it be?"
Homer: "Gimme a chocolate double-scoop cone!"
Max: "Sorry, we're all out of chocolate ice cream. I can get you vanilla swirl if you want."
Homer: "No thanks, I think I'll stick with the chocolate."
Max: "You don't seem to understand; we have no chocolate ice cream. How about a strawberry eclair?"
Homer: "No, I told you, I want a chocolate double-scoop!"
Max [sighing]: "All right, let's do a little experiment. I want you to spell 'VAN' as in 'vanilla'."
Homer: "Uh, let's see.....V, uh.....A.....let's see......N!"
Max: "Good. Now spell 'STRAW' as in 'strawberry'."
Homer: "Gee, that's a tough one. S, um.....T........R.....uh.....A......W!"
Max: "Good, good. Now spell '***** as in 'chocolate'."
Homer: "Let's see.....F, ah, U.....wait a minute! There's no '***** in 'chocolate'!"