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#16 - splyt (05/08/2013) [-]
dude that's EXACTLY as unliekly as actually winning tha lottery
#120 to #16 - anonexplains (05/08/2013) [-]
every single combination of numbers is equally as unlikely to come out of the machine
#156 to #120 - anonexplains (05/08/2013) [-]
User avatar #18 to #16 - oceanmist (05/08/2013) [-]
Not true, its much, much more likely to get a ticket where every number is one off.
#19 to #18 - splyt (05/08/2013) [-]
how so?
User avatar #20 to #19 - oceanmist (05/08/2013) [-]
Theres only one possible combination to win. When you're one off you can go over or under, giving you two possible choices for each number. I think there's 32 different combinations (I can't math right now though so might be wrong).
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