Best Youtube conversation ever!. Let me know if there are longer!. Dwight D. Eisenhower 4 when This song makes me want to fight a group of highly trained German
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Best Youtube conversation ever!

Let me know if there are longer!

Dwight D. Eisenhower 4 when
This song makes me want to fight a group of highly trained German Panzer tanks
Vastaa . 1433
Erwin Rommel 4 sitten
Challenge accepted, get your ass right over Egypt
Vastaa . 1227 vestlus Dwight D. Eisenhower
4 sitten
Vastaa . 1144 vestlus Erwin Rommel
min Walker 3 sitten
Taman on eleven pinata -
Best Conversation in "1" outube HISTORY ,
Vastaa . 964 vestlus
3 sitten
Taman on eleven pinata -
No, now its the best conversation in youtube history
Vastaa . 11!! -2 vs staus Dixi Walker
Chuck Norris 3 sitten
Why the **** is my picture the wrong way round?
Vastaa . ] -113 vestlus
Bruce Lee 3 sitten
Two Chuck Norrises? Challenge accepted.
Vastaa . 1313? vs staus Chuck Norris
King Leonidas 3 sitten
This is madness!!!
Vastaa . 395 vs staus Bruce Lee
Josef Stalin 3 sitten
Calm the **** down guys [ll I am still here ready to kick your asses over!
Vastaa . Bim vs staus King Leonidas
Davahkiin Dragonborn 3 when
Vastaa . 705 vestlus ,
Bat Man 2 sitten
Oh, Come on... you know this is getting ridiculous.
Vastaa . vestlus Davahkiin Dragonborn
Gordon Freeman 2 when
Vastaa . BE? vestlus Bat Man
George Bush 2 sitten
Get the hell off my internet people and make me some money!
Vastaa . 511 vestlus Gordon Freeman
Ill! Tony Stark 2 sitten
Bitch! I' ll take you all down with one hand. Here, let me take off my suit.
Vastaa . 493 vs staus George Bu sh
Niko Helm: 2 sitten
Come to Liberty City and I will **** you up! I' m not scared of you!
Vastaa . 437 vs staus Tony Stark
Muhammad Ali 2 sitten
All these women fighting with weapons, how about we take it to a ring ?
Vastaa . 414 vs staus Niko Heine
Uses Montenegro 2 when
Taman on eleven pinata -
Did i ever tell you the definition of Insanity ?
Vastaa . JED vestlus Muhammad/ tli
Alex Mason 1 sitten
That' s cute,
Vastaa . 159 vestlus Montenegro
Mike Harper
Taman on eleven pinata -
Have you ever killed several people awesomely in slow motion while Dubstep is
playing? No? I' m the true badass here.
Vastaa . 135 vestlus Alex Mason
Kim Jong tln 4 sitten
No the real badass here.
Vastaa . 204 vestlus Mike Harper
Barack Obama 3 when
Taman on eleven pinata -
You better don' t launch those Nukes Fates?
Vastaa . 32 vs staus Kim Jung
Samuel L Jackson 2 when
Thank god for Muhammad Ali, because if it wasn' t for him I would be the only black
man in this conversation with proper grammar.
Vastaa . SB vs staus Barack Obama
Mahatma Ghandi as paivaa when
Come on guys. Be peaceful.
Vastaa . BE vs staus Samuel L Jackson
1 as paivaa when
u Problem?
Vastaa . 28 vs staus Mahatma an
Bruce Willis 2 paivaa sitten
comon guys we can all admit that the badass over here! I mean comon i
have saved america a couple of times.. -What have you guys done?
Vastaa . TI vestlus
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#1 - meter (05/04/2013) [-]
it's amazing how the text reader lightbulb thing is funnier that the content.
good job FJ,

good job
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