Now you know!. .. I loathe sexism, but of the two, I loathe feminism more than misogyny. Feminists seem to think that they are some sort of righteous crusader, while misogynists
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#16 - agentpurplek (05/03/2013) [-]
> MFW it needs to feed.
> MFW it needs to feed.
User avatar #12 - thedumbledore (05/03/2013) [-]
I hate it when people wear political/religious opinions on a T-shirt.

I just find it a bit obnoxious.
User avatar #2 - nimbin (05/02/2013) [-]
I loathe sexism, but of the two, I loathe feminism more than misogyny. Feminists seem to think that they are some sort of righteous crusader, while misogynists seem to know they are assholes.
It's simple folks. Equality. Equality means everyone is equal. No one gets left behind or forgotten.
#28 to #2 - veryinteresting (05/03/2013) [-]
implying that all feminists are extreme misandryans, nope, real feminists belive in equality, and have no problem with keeping some old traditions alive(men bringing flowers, pulling out chairs etc..) But they want equality in society, and especially in work related situations. etc, etc, etc...
#3 to #2 - SimianLich (05/02/2013) [-]
Society cannot thrive on equality, it just stagnates without conflict.
User avatar #4 to #3 - gcloud ONLINE (05/02/2013) [-]
that and some jobs women just shouldnt get payed equally...
i mean unless there like really macho but that doesnt happen really

i dont have the picture but it demonstates that a guy (hypothetically) can carry 100 pounds a trip while a girl(hypothetically) can carry 20

User avatar #26 to #4 - defensive (05/03/2013) [-]
Wot? Pay should depend on competency. What you are talking about is an extremely biased image. If a girl can carry the same amount as a guy then pay should not be affected.
User avatar #31 to #26 - gcloud ONLINE (05/03/2013) [-]
im saying that usally they cant
which is true women dont have the same muscal structure as males
they physically cant pick up as much

unless there really macho or the guy is really weak
#22 to #15 - anon (05/03/2013) [-]
That is not justice you ******* ****** faggot.
User avatar #20 to #15 - darthsanti (05/03/2013) [-]
that depends in what sense you mean to equality:
- "help everyone, giving them the same amount"
- "help everyone to have the same amount"
User avatar #21 to #20 - sckmybllz (05/03/2013) [-]
well they are referring to different things, why should the same word be asigned to them?
the term for one is equality, the term for the other is justice
User avatar #23 to #21 - darthsanti (05/03/2013) [-]
Some people don't think it's fair that everyone gets the same.
When we talk about social equality, in this case, it is that everyone in the end have the same possibilities. In this sense, equality and justice are related terms.
The situation of the image illustrates the liberal and socialist views.

However, I think the definitions should be revised.
#30 to #23 - gladiuss (05/03/2013) [-]
Most people Mistake "Equality" with "Egalitarianism."

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User avatar #32 to #30 - darthsanti (05/03/2013) [-]
Egalitarianism is the doctrine that seeks equality; one a a doctrine and the other one is just a_ state of things_.
User avatar #33 to #32 - gladiuss (05/03/2013) [-]
Egalitarianism seeks equality. Not by boosting those who can do less, but by handicapping those who can do more.
#5 - anon (05/02/2013) [-]
And if it was on a hot chick everyone would be posting about how dumb she supposedly is.
God I hate FJ sometimes. The arrogance is just as bad as ultra-feminism.
#25 to #5 - anon (05/03/2013) [-]
So you're judging us in believing we would judge others? You truly are arrogant.
User avatar #6 to #5 - heartlessrobot (05/03/2013) [-]
We're still talking about how dumb she is.
#10 - flashtopic (05/03/2013) [-]
A customer went to the counter at a feminist bookstore. ¨Can you help me? I can't seem to find the humor section. The shop clerk replied, ¨Might I remind you that this is a feminist bookstore. There is no humor section.
#18 - darthsanti (05/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #7 - dancingdoggy ONLINE (05/03/2013) [-]
My friend is a part of a feminist group, and wears that shirt.
The purpose of the shirt isn't to tell the world that she's a crazy activist.
The purpose is to say that not all feminists are crazy - the original idea behind feminism is sexual equality when the situation calls for it.. And that's what my friend stands for.
She hates the feminazis just as much as anyone else. But a true feminist wants true equality. That's what this shirt means.
User avatar #14 - KayRed (05/03/2013) [-]
**** it! Kudos to her, she clearly has a sense of humor, which is something that is lacking from most feminist.
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#13 - anon (05/03/2013) [-]
I'm not going to make any judgements about this person and keep moving, because I don't know her.

Maybe she's a mother.
Maybe her grandad died of cancer a couple months ago.
Maybe she's single, but gets plenty of love from a good group of friends and family.
Maybe she's stupid, maybe she's smart.
Maybe she has a crazy fetish for plastic wedding cakes and shares numerous steamy lovemaking sessions with her plastic wedding cake fetishist husband

I can't really tell from just looking
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I can tell she eats a lot.
#29 - anon (05/03/2013) [-]
Haha silly bitch
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Okay, who left the door to morbid open?
Okay, who left the door to morbid open?
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