Filesharing is a crime!. .
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Why I went to jail
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First raped to death by dolphins, now going to jail for porn? You're really on a roll.
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you sick bastard.
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"lol guise stealing shouldn't be a crime I want things for free!!!!!!!!!"
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Stealing implies that having it will remove the original object. Piracy doesn't ever remove it from the number of stock. And if you bring up the 'Movie/game makers won't get any money' argument, then look at libraries, they do the same exact thing.
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you sound like a kid that has obviously done something wrong but refuses to accept it and continuously says excuses that no one will ever buy... I pirate games too but at least I can admit I am in the wrong. We are taking away potential profit to be made. Game stop may do it but that is a legal business where someone had to purchase the original new copy before selling it to game stop. Your library is the same. The library purchased a copies of books outright to charge us a minimal fee to read. Red box buys millions of games and movies so we can watch them for a buck a night. As pirates of media we just steal what we want and only support ourselves. The money never gets back to the original producer of the media.
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Be honest with me, were you really going to buy anything that you have pirated if it wasn't freely available? like if the most recent thing you pirated was not available to pirate, you were going to go out and buy it?

most people don't pirate out of some malicious plot to force companies into bankruptcy, they pirate because it is free, easy to get, and why the hell not? there seems to be some sort of mindset that if people stop piracy, pirates will say "oh shucks, well i better go out and buy it i guess".... No, they will most likely shrug it off and do nothing, or search for something else to pirate. Is it really a lost sale if someone had no intention of buying the item in question anyway?

and certainly there are people who pirate instead of buy because they are cheap bastards and thieves, I'm just saying that it is not so simple as "consumers are good little angels, and pirates are sadistic satan-worshiping baby killers who wish to topple over companies with their thievery"
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I don't think it's about stopping them as much as it is breaking the illusion that it's perfectly fine. People who pirate aren't going to stop because they learn that it actually has effects, but saying that it doesn't hurt the company because they weren't going to buy isn't right. Private businesses can make profits because they can exclude those who don't pay for the product from having it (at least permanently, unless it's given to them, in which case the original purchaser no longer has the product).
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sure you might not have bought a specific game even if pirating it was impossible but every illegally obtained game makes you less likely to buy one that you otherwise would have

i have 1849 illegally downloaded songs that i would never in my right mind have paid for but if i didn't have any music on my computer i think I'd be much more willing to pay for a couple of good albums
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No matter what way you put it, it's stealing, bro.

We honestly have no right to complain when companies and people get pissy about it.

And I say we because I torrent, download, and "share" all kinds of stuff too.
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File sharing is not stealing?

Torrenting in itself is not inherently illegal.

That's like saying that buying a plastic bag is illegal, because you can use it to contain weed.
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Don't be a smart ass, you ******* know what I'm meaning when I say "torrent"

The reason this "file sharing" is the same as stealing is because people use the phrase as a mask to make it sound like their actions are not illegal. It's ******** really.
Websites like thepiratebay are a major example of this.

Personally, I have no problem with any of this though, like I said I pirate stuff myself. It's just ******** and annoys me when people try to claim that it isn't stealing by means like this.
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I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I am trying to differentiate between them because stating that torrenting in itself is illegal is a scare tactic used by companies and the media.

In that same regard that companies have started taxing for virtual goods in US and Canada.
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Instead of being a dick and posting a face palm picture, how about explaining how I may be wrong?
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Because you missed and or ignored my meaning and continued to do so.
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FIle Sharing is not stealing.

File Sharing copyrighted material designed for sale is stealing. Thats why companies that sell online content are selling crappy licenses to access their content instead of selling the actual content.
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I'd like to go on the record and say I buy all my games and do not torrent games anymore, haven't done so in 7 years.
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Yeah but it seems misguided as well, sales on music disc and video games are higher than ever and much of that has to do with availability and word of mouth.

But oh well.
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There was an IGN article titled "Entitled Pirate Gamers are Ruining the Industry" Needless to say, autism followed.
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Well pretty much anything from IGN has autism following behind it nowadays
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Holy **** this pretentious.
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