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I brush my teeth once a day, in the morning. My family brush theirs twice a day.

We went to the dentist for a check-up (free healthcare is best healthcare), and out of everyone, my teeth were "perfect". Everyone else had something wrong and my brother had to have a filling.

This is just a theory, but I think brushing your teeth too much can actually damage your teeth just as badly as not brushing them at all, if not even more so. Please correct me if I'm horribly wrong, I'm merely speculating out loud.
#87 to #29 - anon (04/30/2013) [-]
Too much Fluoride can actually make your teeth brittle, so yeah i guess as long as you brush properly it shouldn't be a problem.
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A lot of people seem to forget that the key ingredient in toothpaste is Flouride. Which, before it was distributed into the water systems, was very deadly in it's original form - gas.

So technically you're brushing your teeth with a watered down poison, that your body adapted to subconsciously. Which is why you're not supposed to swallow it. At least, that's part of it - I'm sure someone will go on further and either correct every part of my thesis that isn't correct.
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Your teeth are at their strongest when you're young . As you age the enamel wears and weakens . I don't think you can brush to much but pressing the brush to hard against the teeth can wear them down quickly and cause problems down the road .
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I brush twice a day, sometimes only once or never during the weekends and I have never had a cavity. I am actually the only one in my entire family to not get a cavity.

I really think it depends on what you drink and eat. If you drink a bunch of soda and eat candy pretty regularly, you are going to get them.
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Exactly, expecially brushing your teeth after meals damage them.

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Same. I only brush in the mornings and I've never had a cavity.
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It also has to do with your teeth themselves. I brush once a day, and naturally have bad teeth. I've had cavities every single time I've been to the dentist.
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