Title. . How up would it be if the last sentence of the last Harry Potter book was" And then Harry woke up back in his bed under the staircase" if: is,,) Retwee
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your mom
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-antastic idea! It would definitely be better than the crappy "and they all lived happily ever after" ending which it has now. Maybe it would be an even better ending if he not only realized it was a dream, but if there was a darker theme, such as drug use or something.
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Touché Mrs. Rowling, Touché
Touché Mrs. Rowling, Touché
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The story is as much about the journey as it´s about the ending and sometimes it´s more about the journey as I learned by reading the Dark Tower (written by Stephen King)
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I for one, would absolutely love this idea. I watched the first movie (inb4 the books are better faggot) yesterday and sure it'd be sad and depressing, but it'd turn the whole series into a child's attempt to subconciously deal with the death of his parents and the hellacious life in which he is treated more as prisoner than kin. It's hard for a child to understand how unfair life truly is, so it'd make sense for an impressionable and intelligent young boy such as harry to retreat into his own mind where the line between good and evil, right and wrong, and black and white is crisp, clear, and logical. Voldemort is evil, no and, ifs, or buts there. Albus is good. Hagrid is harry's goofy white knight who saves him from his cruel home. I'll stop here but you get the point. I am a bit biased since I love psychological thrillers, but I feel like this would bring all new meaning to the characters, actions, and events in this series.

tl;dr I think that this would be an awesome ending and 10000000x better than that ******** last chapter of the 7th book which is the actual ending.
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Also, if any of y'all are interested in psychological thrillers I recommend "Going after Cacciato" by Tim O'Brien which is a truly great look into the effect of war on soldiers minds. ("The Things They Carried" by the same author is also very good). Also, I very much enjoyed "Shutter Island" (both the book and the movie". I only found these books because I was lucky enough to have a great AP Literature and Composition teacher who gave me a true love for the the power of imagery, despite the fact that I have always been a more math and science inclined student. So shout out to you Mr. D ( no dick jokes please) and keep on rocking.

tl;dr again, if you also enjoy stories which meld the worlds of reality and fantasy as the narrator and/or protagonist descend into insanity just ask me and I can tell you the names of some more great books and movies.
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Oh and I apologize for the length of my posts but I am hyped up on vyvanse while studying for my finals and this topic thoroughly intrigued me.
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I have been making this joke for years. **** THE INTERNET.
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hory ****
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