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As evil as the author is for killing off everyone's favorite characters, I could see him making a surprise ending where Hodor's giant blood is actually from a royal race of giants who rally to him and becomes the king after he brutally slaughters the dragons with his giant strength. And Tyrion becomes hand of the king for balance big/little simpleton/strategist kind/cold
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iv read the books, as much as i love them i hate them at the same time for killing everyone i grew to love or hate, at least hodor is still alive that makes me happy :P
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I'm glad Tyrion is alive, and Daenerys. Have to admit I'm basically in love with her as the character from the books and the actress from the shows, pathetic as that likely makes me lol. Now if only he'd write the next book *SPOILER* so I can see them joined forces. If he ends up killing them both I'm going to be so furious though, I still haven't gotten over killing the king in the north *SPOILER*
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Dont make you pathetic at all, iv been cheering for Daenerys throgh thick and thin, its not pathetic :), i want her to have the throne, Tyrion is a legend and hopefully will find his way back to Westeros, omg i know rip that cunts head off
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*SPOILERS* My dream team at this point is Daenerys on the iron throne, Tyrion as her Hand, and Arya as her Master of Whispers. He ends it like that and I'll forgive him killing all the other characters I loved. Or my Hodor idea ending, ever since I typed it I thought "I"m surprisingly ok with that" lol *SPOILERS*
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dude seriously get the **** out of my head, thats exactly how i want it to end aswell, though what about bran?
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Bran becomes the spirit of the Old Gods, able to see through any animal, and ever present in the weirwood trees, an ever lasting reminder of the old gods, the old ways, the cold ones, and that Winter is coming.
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so long story short then, House Strark has been completely buried in the snow seeing as he was the last living male heir of winterfell and House Stark
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I still have hope Jon is alive and will take over house Stark. At the very least he'll be alive inside is wolf so maybe he'll be able to steal a new body, his wolf and Mellisandra will prove to everyone that he's Jon in a new body, and he'll somehow through his unknown mother become the heir of house Stark
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One does not simply skip the intro :D
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I skip the intro every time.
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it is indeed an awesome intro
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