Cheating. .. Hey, do you have a pet? Yeah. What kind of pet. It's kind of a cat... Oh, what's it's name? ...fluffy... it's like naming your tank mini cooper
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Submitted: 04/25/2013
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#136 - jayblue (04/26/2013) [-]
So...Where can I get one?
So...Where can I get one?
User avatar #135 - crumpylizard (04/26/2013) [-]
i wonder if he has met moon moon before
User avatar #129 - smokerocks (04/26/2013) [-]
moving to Ohio bbl
#124 - snakefire ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
#121 - brothergrimm (04/26/2013) [-]
cougars are cool..... i'd prefer to have a pet wolf though
cougars are cool..... i'd prefer to have a pet wolf though
User avatar #131 to #121 - smokekusheveryday ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
I concur with you decision
User avatar #134 to #131 - smokekusheveryday ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
your* my apologies
User avatar #125 to #121 - snakefire ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
moon moon?
User avatar #126 to #125 - brothergrimm (04/26/2013) [-]
-.- no........ that would be my little brother......... actually yeah.... i'm gonna call my little brother moon moon from now on. thanks!
#127 to #126 - snakefire ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
My work here is done.
#148 to #127 - danslfi (04/29/2013) [-]
how do you have red text?
User avatar #120 - snakefire ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
And in california you cant even own a ferret....
User avatar #122 to #120 - brothergrimm (04/26/2013) [-]
you can't have a ferret in Hawaii either
User avatar #130 to #122 - ragnarfag (04/26/2013) [-]
Are there even ferrets in hawaii?
User avatar #132 to #130 - brothergrimm (04/26/2013) [-]
there are wild mongoose. but they're not native so now any weasel type animal is ******* permabanned
User avatar #117 - ixcarnifexxi (04/26/2013) [-]
My friends dog is 140lb...
User avatar #116 - appleboom (04/26/2013) [-]
I can't believe no one has posted "DAYUM NACHURE! YOU SCARY!" yet.
#115 - anonymous (04/26/2013) [-]
is it fluffy...or just nidalee hiding in plain sight?
User avatar #113 - yourdadsdad (04/26/2013) [-]
So many people live in Ohio
#112 - aerosol ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
********					. Nothing that cool ever happens in Ohio.
******** . Nothing that cool ever happens in Ohio.
User avatar #119 to #112 - cuntpunter (04/26/2013) [-]
I don't know, I've seen some pretty ******* cool things here. You just have to look for them.
User avatar #111 - awildniglet (04/26/2013) [-]
Yeah you can own basically any animal in Ohio. Remember that guy who basically had a zoo in his house, and all the animals got loose and people were freaking the **** out?
I love my home state...
User avatar #110 - beardgasm (04/26/2013) [-]
Looks like you can't own them any more ever since some guy released a bunch of exotic animals and shot himself.

Also, there are boars here in Ohio? Wtf.
User avatar #118 to #110 - cuntpunter (04/26/2013) [-]
There are, but they are actually more wild pigs. Domestic pigs that either got free or turned loose, and eventually grew tusks and such.
However, you are right about not being able to own a cougar anymore, but even if this was years ago, you had to keep them locked up in cages.
We all know that cats are pretty ******* stubborn, so imagine someone trying to train a cougar to hunt, kill, and bring back dead pigs. I call BS on the whole story.
#108 - alucardshellhound (04/26/2013) [-]
**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #145 at Let's Ride a Bicycle of Nightmares **
**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #145 at Let's Ride a Bicycle of Nightmares **
User avatar #106 - beardgasm (04/26/2013) [-]
I too live in Ohio. Now where can I get my cougar?
#103 - anonymous (04/26/2013) [-]
can you even train cougars?
User avatar #105 to #103 - waffies ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
from being a rescued kitten i'd think, yeah. If you were its parent?
User avatar #104 to #103 - sgtmajorkururu (04/26/2013) [-]
Yes. You can condition it to act a certain way.
#102 - boradisrad has deleted their comment [-]
#101 - boradisrad has deleted their comment [-]
#100 - ecomale ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
User avatar #123 to #100 - brothergrimm (04/26/2013) [-]
that's adorable............
#96 - teenytinyspider (04/26/2013) [-]
Really, the only problem with owning a pet like this is they don't realize their own strength. They're big cats and I believe most of the deaths resulting from people owning these pets are either sheer negligence or the big cat tries to play with them and accidentally injures or kills them.

I personally would own a cheetah since they were being domesticated at one time and are said to be the most docile of the big cats.
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