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13 hours ago Stabile .
I' m note bloody taxi service, dyad want a lift I expect money.
Like ‘Consent
ch Ppeople Emma.
hat youa we service
Unalike "thtats
ti' ill sweaty this dollars . is I Follow
Hexic/ Mr,
Game of Thrones reminds me of twitter a lot
because there are 140 characters and terrible
things are constantly happening
i *Faorite “H-.» eore
Your dog is getting younger?
is minutes ago - Like
Snood. anyone got a good idea for something hm we can do on my birthday?
the already heard laser tag twitch. lets be honest, is pretty hard to head.
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i -rans could each go to a diiferent car dealership,
you know the ones that give you free coffee to make you feel
at home. and take the same make and model car out for a
test drive halong with a sale smart. of con melt.
then meet up with eachother at a predetermined Marion like
an arena or smail field or place and you park the
can around eachother to form an inescapable ring, then you
put all the salesmen together In the middle with some crude
but effective gladiator style weapons and tell them that you' ll
buy a car from whoever lives. it' s cheaper than a made and
there' s free coffee.
about an hour ago via mobile r Like . dire
I-‘ litre
dress today. It , bloody
nose. great success,
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Harry Potter pick up lines ' ire_
nail Harry - their up lines - Top Posts I
iam Lees
Mr name may not he Luna, but I sure know htm
9 tr" in " endears use em.
a: Pheny “ll retiree Taylor
in s prairie like mis.
r F Laurence ' magic or snare plait
e on your new our roar by .sly I
my Em by rout uranium hours ago Minn
Ivor... h Harry Forte...
Laurence Taylor I' m new here
hours age Chl person
That awkward moment when your doctor
is examining your balls during a physical,
and you run your fingers through his
18 minutes ago
Eh it people Cl 1 comment H
Nothing beats a girl with at great singing voice. Except Chris
15 hours ago new Cardiff, Wales is
Twilight drinking game rules:
l) Drink do shots when you press play so you can die
before the movie starts.
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e Jordan
if your good at something never do it for free.
Llhy . Commet. post
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J, Thames ‘you' re
Hours we . Like -edit
mama Them be is.
yhg: yory
A random toddler just waved at me.
I didnt was hack.
Welcome to life and its disappointments you little shit
lettrs ago : . iii mobile it
Boys are like purses. They are cute, full of crap, and can always
be replaced,
heroic Cl, Hamming islan' iand' iaa: hatd 13 others like
m :: t:] Osiris are this cartoons. They spend tot, much time
in your wallet, and not enough time on your dick.
his hours ago via mantis . Like ' db 9
E Hannah [g] Hanan: Jared!
is hours ago we atomic . Unlike . 1
Dewitt [:learend: keeping it classy for 17 years.
it 7 lecture ago we mobile - Unlike . 2
Write is countered...
There is no "i" in happyness! ml
db s papers like use
when honey: -it
i! hours ago . Like
There is if you spell it right fuck mt,
hours ago via mobile - Unlike 15 35
may" contain nudity? Either it does or it doesn' t don' t waste my
fucking time
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use personface raiders entire omens , her. -we makeit
habeneros ,
IE 4 people the the
t' lais person' was a rapist.
is minute. ago - Like I its it
centre is --iorn, rt. parti. ..
I' decided that from new on, I' m going to answer every
question like a presidential candidate. its lands fun...
Bryan, wut are you when do this weekend?"
Whats a great question and an important one. And . L do
something this weekend. Butler me take at step back and answer
a broader question. What are we ALL doing this weekend? As a
nation? As at world? This weekend I will do something
comprehensive and robust, yet fun. We all should. "
But, what are you going to do?"
What I' m going to do 3 things. First, its going to be
relaxing; Second, its going to be enjoyable; Lastly, For going to
make sure that it is so i don' t get into at deftt Four
weeks ago, tests [was going to do something " and I did. This
weekend will be no different!"
were Ccomment . Share D
lift '
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