Lifestyle Choices. I also tend to take a long time thinking through the repercussions of said choices.. sometimes i get more attached to fictional characters than in real life i really want a Box of Chicken nuggets for Purposes related to science
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User avatar #2 - splendiddust ONLINE (04/21/2013) [-]
sometimes i get more attached to fictional characters than in real life
#8 to #2 - strelokkk (04/21/2013) [-]
sometimes always...
#4 to #2 - erotictentacle (04/21/2013) [-]
we all do
User avatar #9 to #4 - Kabutops (04/21/2013) [-]
i've watched enough hentai to know what usernames like yours suggest
User avatar #3 - caelinnis (04/21/2013) [-]
User avatar #7 to #3 - waffies (04/21/2013) [-]
well there's a few, but they're kinda "Do or do not" choices. Mostly involving do you kill group A or B?
#13 - lazian (04/21/2013) [-]
**lazian rolled a random image posted in comment #38869 at Shin Anime Social Board ** < worst choice i made
#12 - anon (04/21/2013) [-]
The only bad choice concerning Skyrim is deciding not to play it.
User avatar #11 - heartlessrobot (04/21/2013) [-]
Well, if joining the Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Vampires is better than my choices in real life, then I'm pretty ****** up.
User avatar #6 - chayio (04/21/2013) [-]
Except for when i break into people's houses during nighttime and promptly rape steal all their belongings
User avatar #5 - elementofloyalty (04/21/2013) [-]
I don't. In skyrim I actually save my money.

> 2 units overburdened
"Aww man! 1000 for a horse? **** that I'm walking to Riften."
User avatar #1 - arthurphillipdent (04/21/2013) [-]
And then there's me. When I get to the first town, I promptly murder the entire population. But I save first, so it never even happened!
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