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User avatar #12 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (04/19/2013) [-]
Okay, let me get this straight

You were so stressed that the fumes may have caused permanent damage to your underage lungs....That you went and smoked three ciggerates

No wonder you work at McDonalds
User avatar #13 to #12 - sirbrentcoe (04/19/2013) [-]
i lit one out of habit, and it made my lungs feel better.. i was 16, man..not the smartest thing i've ever done...
User avatar #18 to #13 - Jewssassin (04/19/2013) [-]
Im loving this stories man. How old are you now?
User avatar #21 to #18 - sirbrentcoe (04/19/2013) [-]
25 and a half
User avatar #36 to #21 - ctenop (04/19/2013) [-]
how many years of stories do you have? You should write a ************* book, I even love those pictures you put and the bottom of the posts. Keep it up bro ;)
#57 to #36 - jiltist ONLINE (04/20/2013) [-]
That would probably be a pretty popular book...

Memoirs of a McWorker
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