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#270 - anon (04/16/2013) [-]
My view on this, which I have told to countless gays, is that I do view homosexuality as a sin, but I also view lying, cheating, covetiousness, and many other things as sins as well. Do those sins keep me away from those people who are prideful, or jealous? No, it does not. In the same way it does not keep me away from someone who is gay. I will talk to them, respect them, and befriend them as I do anyone, cause we are all sinners.

I do not hate them, I may hate their sin, but I love them and will not shun or judge them. That is not my calling or job. We all fall short in many areas of life. As the greatest man that ever lived once said, "Cast the first stone." I love homosexuals, but just like anyone else on this planet, I do not love their sin.
User avatar #915 to #270 - ddoggdiggity (04/16/2013) [-]
hell yeah hate the sin not the sinner

#277 to #270 - anon (04/16/2013) [-]
I once was in a church that looks upon smoking as a sin. The congregation had a bad habit of looking down on people that smoke, so much so that smokers eventually stopped coming altogether. The pastor of the church stood up one day and said something I will never forget: "My favorite smell at church is the smell of cigarette smoke. It means someone has sinned and yet is trying to improve their life by coming here. I wonder how each of your sins would stink if they had a smell. What right have sinners to judge each other? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
#279 to #277 - anon (04/16/2013) [-]
God killed people(sin) all the time, yet he judges everyone.
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