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#16 - spetsnaztm (04/09/2013) [-]
Because you know, we care about what some little country thinks :D

Also, it's funny how in America, if you express an opinion that you're against hayness, you're automatically attacked. Funny how that freedom of speech thing doesn't work for what people don't like :D
User avatar #21 to #16 - TheLastNinja (04/09/2013) [-]
yeah! **** those hays!
User avatar #19 to #16 - fajivity (04/09/2013) [-]
You're automatically attacked for being a bigot. Freedom of speech isn't, "I can say what I want and you can't get mad," it's "I can say what I want and won't be punished for it."
User avatar #30 to #28 - giguelingueling (04/09/2013) [-]
The guy in the picture you posted doesn't
User avatar #35 to #30 - monkeyyninja (04/09/2013) [-]
I have no idea who he is, and I don't see why it matters; the picture is relevant to the original comment, while your comment is not.
User avatar #183 to #35 - giguelingueling (04/09/2013) [-]
That's why I didn't respond to the original comment you big hilly-billy.

And he is the prime minister of Canada.
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