Worst kind of parents. . there are mean parents and then there are parents who switch off the wifi at night. My parents do this. Should I contact child services?


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User avatar #6 - aurelianopeachdoor (04/07/2013) [-]
My parents do this. Should I contact child services?
User avatar #60 to #6 - psychodreadnought ONLINE (04/08/2013) [-]
mine do as well.
at 10PM on weekdays...
User avatar #117 to #6 - niggernazi (04/08/2013) [-]
why do u have the swasrika as ur avatar??
****** nazi
User avatar #90 to #6 - maydaymayday (04/08/2013) [-]
I'd kill them.
#134 to #90 - anon (04/08/2013) [-]
sure you do, you ******* 12 year old faggot
#94 to #6 - imadeanaccforthis **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#29 to #6 - hillbillypowpow (04/08/2013) [-]
There's no time for that. Pack your things and light their sheets on fire as you leave, never to come back
#22 - anon (04/07/2013) [-]
My parents have been doing that since september... I just lay down and think about death and the meaning of life until like 4 a.m.... by trying to make me go to sleep earlier my parents have made me sleep later than i ever have
User avatar #89 to #22 - tetasmoradas (04/08/2013) [-]
Or you could just download movies or a game to keep you occupied.
#95 to #22 - riikun (04/08/2013) [-]
oh my, that happened to me when i was 11 or so (yes 11, i was a smart kid with much time to spare), ****** awful. I fell on a ******* depression for 4 ******* months. my parents even took me to talk with a local priest.

now it only happens when the internet's down
#27 - Johneyson (04/07/2013) [-]
TFW 10 pm
TFW 10 pm
User avatar #3 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
Then there are the parents that never had internet or wifi untill you were 17 years old.
User avatar #7 to #3 - cristianpopescu (04/07/2013) [-]
I know that feel bro
User avatar #8 to #7 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
its not a good feel ;_;
User avatar #9 to #8 - cristianpopescu (04/07/2013) [-]
it sure as heck isn't
User avatar #10 to #9 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
it could have always been worse though
User avatar #11 to #10 - cristianpopescu (04/07/2013) [-]
sure,I've never complained about that, I knew my parents always gave their best
User avatar #12 to #11 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
Hey, well at least there was that ^w^ mine didn't

User avatar #13 to #12 - cristianpopescu (04/07/2013) [-]
D: My parents weren't perfect either. Despite trying to take care of me, they were always fighting. My father was the more patient one, my mom instead would get angry over nothing, so they would never get along
User avatar #14 to #13 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
well already told the story of my family today don't wanna tell it again don't' want people think I want there sympathy for it.

At least they tried right?? better than nothing I guess....
User avatar #15 to #14 - cristianpopescu (04/07/2013) [-]
well, if you ever wanna say it again, I'll be all ears
User avatar #17 to #15 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
well in short my dad is a drunk who I've not seen or talked to in 10 or so years and acts as though he never had any kids. My mom is just as bad but instead of acting like I don't exist she just ******* hates me. I could go into detail but, don't really want to unless you care to hear it.
User avatar #19 to #17 - cristianpopescu (04/07/2013) [-]
uhh I like listening to other people's life stories, but if it's too painful for you then don't tell me, it's up to you
User avatar #21 to #19 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
Like I said my dad left when i was 10(20 now so 10 years without hearing from him) but, during that 10 years he was the most abusive **** . would get drunk and high and beat me and my brothers just for the fact we were in the same room. Neither my mom or dad could hold a job for long so we were homeless a lot(the majority of my life from ages 0 to like 13) living any place we could( abandon homes and **** like that). After my dad left my mom sorta got her **** together but no matter what out of me and my 4 brothers everything bad that happened was my fault. She had told me many many times she hates me and I cuz all the bad in her life that she should have aborted me **** like that. (really loving ain't she). Her obsessive hate of me stayed throughout my whole life until one day she finds out I'm gay and furry(an whole other story there) and she start to spread rumors about how I **** animals and **** like that then she kicked me out of her house and once again was homeless. 13 months later here we are.
User avatar #136 to #21 - cristianpopescu (04/08/2013) [-]
Seems pretty sad bro, but did your mother accept your fetish in the end, or is she still upset about it?
User avatar #137 to #136 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/08/2013) [-]
She is still a super crazy ******* bitch.
User avatar #26 to #21 - philtheninja (04/07/2013) [-]
but arnt gay and furry the same thing
#76 to #26 - anon (04/08/2013) [-]
Well no gay is what makes me like penis, fury is what makes me like Anthro, not all Anthro have penis so can't possible be the same thing


got banned why post as anon
User avatar #99 to #76 - YllekNayr (04/08/2013) [-]
What did you get banned for?
#104 to #99 - anon (04/08/2013) [-]
A gif that was deemed inappropriate

User avatar #105 to #104 - YllekNayr (04/08/2013) [-]
what gif?
#106 to #105 - anon (04/08/2013) [-]
Was a chick with a tail plug in her ass.
I'ts only a 12 hour ban though so not that bad

User avatar #107 to #106 - YllekNayr (04/08/2013) [-]
It wasn't on that content about the foxtail labeled "ASIANS" was it?
#108 to #107 - anon (04/08/2013) [-]
Yeah it was.

User avatar #20 to #19 - sparkyoneonetwo (04/07/2013) [-]
Irt's not painful at all it's all in the past and dont really matter.
User avatar #114 to #3 - goochmaster (04/08/2013) [-]
Same, except instead of my parents getting wi-fi we would secretly use our neighbo'rs internet
#82 - SubjectThree (04/08/2013) [-]
User avatar #44 - funnys (04/08/2013) [-]
my parents used to do that i just turned it back on.
User avatar #42 - ultranooob (04/08/2013) [-]
And then there are parents who dont believe in mobile phones, or personal presentation (clothes ect... Until I got a job ive always looked like a bum) , birthdays (not even a card. My fathers says "I dont do cards, and you owe me money for living with me...), no Christmas, no holidays, nothings ever good enough, and even making me sleep outside if I havnt done the dishes or walked the dogs.. I can just go on I just really wanted vent this **** out and to say **** you dad (am I the only one?!)
#45 to #42 - anon (04/08/2013) [-]
What do your parents believe in?
User avatar #46 to #45 - ultranooob (04/08/2013) [-]
I think they believe they live in the 1400's
#51 to #46 - gcohen (04/08/2013) [-]
Tell me more...
User avatar #63 to #42 - tigersstripes (04/08/2013) [-]
i am now your gay best friend, whether you are female or not... vent gurl..
#30 - warbob (04/08/2013) [-]
And then there are my parents that shut off the electricity in the house for me to go to bed.
And then there are my parents that shut off the electricity in the house for me to go to bed.
User avatar #52 - TashnaBakninh (04/08/2013) [-]
My best friend's asshole of a dad did that every night he knew he was talking to me.
User avatar #5 - guinnessthedog (04/07/2013) [-]
That's not a bad parent, that's a war criminal!
#109 - captainthundercunt (04/08/2013) [-]
My parents did this to me for about 3 years until my older brother went to college and i got his room. I found out that there was an ethernet cable that gave me internet with no time restrictions. This picture sums up what happened after i found it.
User avatar #38 - vampireinarm (04/08/2013) [-]
my parents do that. and then my blinding rage comes to light when i remember i pay for that **** .
#16 - fooljamable (04/07/2013) [-]
My did that...I turned off their lives when I went to bed...
#113 to #16 - toasthemost ONLINE (04/08/2013) [-]
you who? please tell me the suspense is killing me!
User avatar #125 to #16 - julesv (04/08/2013) [-]
You accidentaly your sentence
#72 - jizzletizzle (04/08/2013) [-]
And then there are parents that beat their children.
#79 to #72 - evenx (04/08/2013) [-]
At least you have parents...
User avatar #1 - gragasvlad ONLINE (04/07/2013) [-]
parents that switc the wifi of is okay with me just plug in a cable but when they pull the cable it's next stop prison
User avatar #23 - ariscorp (04/07/2013) [-]
I know that feel
#49 - tastycrisps (04/08/2013) [-]
10:30. Every night. No exceptions. Even during summer they rule stays.

And it's only the WiFi to my computer. My younger brother can continue playing CoD till 4 in the ******* morning if he wishes it.

User avatar #58 to #49 - curtisawesome (04/08/2013) [-]
I feel for you sir
User avatar #41 - goodcheese (04/08/2013) [-]
of course those are the same parents who provide the wifi and computer for you to use in the first place.
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