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User avatar #1 - epicpedo (04/05/2013) [-]
>Is Satan
>Still has Christmas lights up for the birth of his mortal enemy's son.

#93 to #1 - anon (04/06/2013) [-]
Santa has a son and is Satan's mortal enemy?
User avatar #2 to #1 - worstposter (04/05/2013) [-]
pretty sure that isn't xmas lights though
User avatar #3 to #2 - epicpedo (04/05/2013) [-]
Oh? What are they?
User avatar #4 to #3 - worstposter (04/05/2013) [-]
idunno, possibly... lights?
User avatar #10 to #4 - combatmonkey (04/06/2013) [-]
Satan just has flashy colorful lights on his house for christmas?
User avatar #8 to #1 - lordlucifer (04/06/2013) [-]
You got something against holidays?!
#116 to #1 - baconrainbow (04/06/2013) [-]
Depending on which version you're going by, Satan loved God and was one of God's most beloved angels, but when God told Satan to bow before Man he could not because the man was undeserving and had had pained God so much. When Satan rebelled against God he cast him out.

I only remember all of this because it's most of Supernatural's plot >.>
Don't judge me
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#81 to #1 - bulbakip (04/06/2013) [-]
It's his nephew's birthday. why not?
It's his nephew's birthday. why not?
User avatar #82 to #1 - josephwolfe (04/06/2013) [-]
Satan isn't a bad sport, just because he tortures people for all of eternity
User avatar #36 to #1 - chaosnazo (04/06/2013) [-]
Christmas is originally a pagan tradition
User avatar #53 to #36 - darthblam ONLINE (04/06/2013) [-]
Not Christmas itself, just the holiday's timing.
User avatar #63 to #53 - coolcalx (04/06/2013) [-]
the pagan festival was a celebration of the winter solstice.
the catholic church decided to add the birth of Jesus at the same time so that the pagans could also worship this. Christmas wasn't the pagan holiday, the winter solstice celebration was.
User avatar #127 to #63 - thetellerofstories (04/06/2013) [-]
the catholic church actually used christmas to catch and persecute pagans, all the good little christians would be in church while the pagans would be in the forests decorating trees in offering to the forest gods to protect them through the rest of winter.
User avatar #5 to #1 - tojimajia (04/06/2013) [-]
satan wasn't really the jerk, and never has been. it was god (according to the bible)
#76 to #5 - anon (04/06/2013) [-]
are you stupid? You know what Satan did to Job? Yeah, the only reason he doesn't do that to every single person on the planet is that God prevents him from doing that. I love how you pretend to know the Bible.
User avatar #108 to #76 - benotter (04/06/2013) [-]
No, the only reason he doesn't do that is because death via a divine entity is not a natural death, and cannot be judged fairly based fairly, as the life was interrupted by a non-human force, putting him into lower levels of heaven for not having a chance to possibly redeem himself. Satan was given free rule over the earth, so God could prove humans are good at heart, instead of murderous beings.

Satan's ultimate insult is that he uses Gods system to condemn people to hell, to corrupt them, and not intervene.
User avatar #130 to #108 - tojimajia (04/07/2013) [-]
a good point, also i love it when people get mad over the internet.
#17 to #1 - evigvinter (04/06/2013) [-]
true sportsmanship
User avatar #123 to #40 - djequalizee (04/06/2013) [-]
I think you need a new pair of spectacles
#11 - PartyPanda (04/06/2013) [-]
"You'll shoot yer eye out!"
#34 - samoaspider ONLINE (04/06/2013) [-]
Satan looks like a pretty chill guy to me
Satan looks like a pretty chill guy to me
User avatar #72 to #34 - zelyx (04/06/2013) [-]
Well, he's the punisher of the evil, so how bad can he be?
#15 - jaevel ONLINE (04/06/2013) [-]
User avatar #52 - zorororonoa (04/06/2013) [-]
I've never seen Satan depicted as a faun before. Look pretty cool
User avatar #74 to #52 - arsyro (04/06/2013) [-]
Well the goat is the sign for the devil so that may explain it
User avatar #78 to #52 - crazyolitis (04/06/2013) [-]
If I remember correctly, one of Christianity's greatest adversaries in the ancient days was a religion with Baphomet, God of balance. So, in order to prevent people from going to the Dark side other religion, they made good ol' Lucifer look like Baphomet. But that could also be just a giant pile of crap.
User avatar #60 to #52 - sonicg (04/06/2013) [-]
Really? I've seen him depicted as such countless times.
#69 to #60 - leetpwnzer (04/06/2013) [-]
I thought that was the most known depiction of Satan there was.
User avatar #71 to #69 - sonicg (04/06/2013) [-]
So did I.
User avatar #75 to #71 - zorororonoa (04/06/2013) [-]
guess I'm just stupid
#41 - gjsmothefirst (04/06/2013) [-]
#91 - galkawhm (04/06/2013) [-]
Kid's FW he delivers the presents.
Kid's FW he delivers the presents.
#68 - WitchKingTroll (04/06/2013) [-]
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#87 - sheperdofthestars (04/06/2013) [-]
I wasn't sure if people were aware, but I just learned this myself, so I thought I'd share:

My boyfriend has a dyslexic cousin. His mother helped raise her. When she discovered her Dyslexia, they had been playing a word game. She copied down some of the words Lisa (Boyfriend's mother) had copied down, only they didn't even look like words. It wasn't just that the letters were out of order, but she had also "written" some of the characters upside down or on their sides, making them completely illegible and almost unrecognizable as words.

So apparently (I don't have Dyslexia, nor have I ever personally known anyone with the disorder until recently) Dyslexia doesn't just mean you see the letters scrambled, but (I would assume it depends on the severity of the case) you also see them as completely different characters.

I wasn't sure how many people were aware of this, and it's relevant, so there you are. And I found it strange because this is a little different from everything I learned about the disorder as a kid. I didn't even know it was a thing until it was on that episode of Static Shock (Does anyone remember that show?).

Pic related, learning disorders are no laughing matter.
User avatar #88 to #87 - zekeon ONLINE (04/06/2013) [-]
Human cipher.
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User avatar #98 to #96 - sheperdofthestars (04/06/2013) [-]
MGQ is love, MGQ is life
User avatar #114 to #87 - muchasmarcos (04/06/2013) [-]
dyslexic humans don't understand the concept behind letters ---> it's as simple as that.
if a kid isn't introduced to books at an early age it will have a high chance of developing dyslexia. i for one first learned to read stuff backwards when i was 2 and quickly learned to write that way too by smearing the wall of the apartment i was living in back at that time.
User avatar #118 to #87 - thisotherdude (04/06/2013) [-]
MGQ part three sometime this year bro, is your body ready for the release?... Well the release followed by three months of waiting for the rogue translator to deliver us his glorious english patch.
#121 to #87 - plaidparadise (04/06/2013) [-]
Does that mean dyslexic people read everything like a captcha code?
#77 - crazyolitis (04/06/2013) [-]
This somehow gave me feels. Good feels.
This somehow gave me feels. Good feels.
#47 - romdadon (04/06/2013) [-]
but what does that mean if they get the gifts
User avatar #64 to #47 - SebyMeister (04/06/2013) [-]
Good question
User avatar #65 to #47 - SebyMeister (04/06/2013) [-]
But wait..we know that our ,,parents" are playing Santa when we are you..So..Tehnically....omg..
User avatar #66 to #65 - SebyMeister (04/06/2013) [-]
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#19 - krasnogvardiech (04/06/2013) [-]
IG Jou?

We can do that.
#95 to #32 - krasnogvardiech (04/06/2013) [-]
#62 - xcat (04/06/2013) [-]
request a gift from the person who give illness, crimes, disasters, persecution and the like.
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