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#70 - anon
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(04/05/2013) [-]
To people saying he's more like a celebrity than a president:
First of all, to say he's more celebrity than president is just plain silly. It's not like he hasn't done things, or at least tried to. Granted of course, very many of those things can and should be criticized, but it's not like he's been sleeping and playing CoD for 4+ years. And yes, he's good at shmoozing the media and celebrities. Because he's ******* smart. Giving yourself a likable image to the public is a generally smart move in politics. And with most people on the right being dead set against him from the start and many on the left becoming increasingly disillusioned, he needs any image boost he can get. You know why Bush didn't do things like this? Because he was ******* stupid, and he didn't know how to make himself look likable. Clinton did the same sort of things Obama's doing, only he's taking it way farther than Clinton did. It's a smart move.