Yoga. I dent really knew the difference between yoga pants and leggings. Quite frankly, I dont really care.. Philip J Fry. Wat?
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Philip J Fry.

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mfw watermark
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well lucky me
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both wearers have the same % of getting raped
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mfw I spot dat ass:
mfw I spot dat ass:
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unless its a fat chick... THEN i care..
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"leggings are skin tight all the way and yoga pants flare out. plus lots of yoga pants have a foldover top and leggings are just banded. you usually wear leggings with a short dress or a tunic or something of that sort but you can wear yoga pants as normal pants. they're made of the same material though, and they can both have different lengths."

I care for answers to trivial questions
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Am I the only one who didn't thumb, because there's no funny yet saved it as my favorites for future fap reference?
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I know most guys enjoy yoga pants and leggings and stuff but if you think logically about it you'd realise its just the ways of this jewified society enabling more dominance of females over males

Guaranteed Red Thumbs
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I'm Offence, and I take Jew to that.
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I was wearing a mank today and somebody told me it's more like a tank top

What the hell is the difference?
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what the hells a mank?
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It is all i can imagine coming out of there.
It is all i can imagine coming out of there.
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I remember seeing the one on the left in an ad a few times before I got adblock
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As far as I'm concerned it's the material.
Leggings are the same material as a pantyhose. It's actually the same as a pantyhose, just without covering your feet. It ends at your ankles.

Yogapants are pants. Like, normal pants with wool and what not. I think so atleast, might be wrong.
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