Battletoads: A Rare Pawn. I can give you a re-post. That's the best I can do.. in its arises. ) Call pawn stars hunt history channel open Eels’? for hey always  Cash Money
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Battletoads: A Rare Pawn

Battletoads: A Rare Pawn. I can give you a re-post. That's the best I can do.. in its arises. ) Call pawn stars hunt history channel open Eels’? for hey always

I can give you a re-post. That's the best I can do.

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in its arises. )
Call pawn stars hunt history channel
open Eels’?
hey always rage
slot: will he had
depress it
ti-“ gold and silver"
man I didnt know you guys are still open
sob okay_ he looking for battletoads
it-" not shit shit again, its Irt) at night"
El Anonymous no '. M: 59 No. d'
Fife,' its stricter.
Cl Anonymous (ID: / ) 1: lilo. -11 1886517
mold and sitter
shay We really into amigo es you guys got any "
wash go to our any site we got a handheld one by ‘tiger
Huh sweet man Yhanks"
gold and sitter"
ohi, an antique video game collects and the looting for a very old. extremely rare title
fit you say Battletoads l' m going to call the cops"
Vhat' s with your on Wanda?
hangs up
El Anonymous (ID: Na. d' ;
Ohhello gold and silver
Ohhello. I' m calling from Texas and I' m Interested m a t: attain Super Bowl ring
sid what team and what year
I-( boring some alien about the ring:
bare you interested in completing the purchase oi the ring this evening?
r' es_ but I have a question first
mess it some with BATTLETOADS.
Cl Anonymous (ID: tlmb/ Ntt.
and silver!
may do you guys have any signed bat-
What the out is wrong with you nerds? Calling asking our battle toads its not funny or original like are you serious dude? really man?
Janis signed hats. like from the HEB mainly the NY Yankees or the Mets, maybe even the Dodgers . what were you saying about battle toads
J: -Db sorry sir we' re just getting a bunch of prank phone calls lately
with that' s weird. .peopie have no lives right? (hahaa. attaway, do you guys have any signed bats from the Boston ?
ii. -tire you fucking kidding me dude
E Anonymous (ID: t# tla/ & 31 hloy'
again and silver
I was wondering if you had the viii malt
soyeah we' got d
Tudors d work with feet?
Iodous it come with battletoads
Cl Anonymous (ID: ") Nu. 4118%
Trying it again
Ahold and Sher
ella,. I have at few quick questions about.
better not be about battletoads-
ouse ms? t needed to ask about a sword I' been looking for.
rho sorry sir.. we' m at been getting a lot prank calls tonight. What exactly are you looking for?
alts a very old sword. it is also small. it his in a hand perfectly-
fuck you.
and silver
ems better not be about battle loads. on losing patience kid
no its not . what' s a battletoads?
site some game everyone is calling about tonight
9 yea that sounds good ill take one it you got d
and Either
how are ynaa
can I do for yrou?
arm a book deader. you hate antiques?
bwhat are you looking far?
stun have anything from Philip K. Dick?
layers. whats the titte?
on was Planet
Callback. cause rm an asshole
hung up on me.
is Hits‘?
customer you hung up on That is customer service.
we dent have time for your pranks looking kids
Wren ks’? What the hail did you just say to me? I' ll have you know I' m dignitary. one Airborne "" I do .
we more who for good measure
and pawn
and Silver
Tm looking for an engagement ring for my girlfiend.
ah’ nu are going to ham to sail bask during the day, we don' t do any sales after 9
roh. well is there any way I can ask you a couple questions‘?
o: Sute. shoot
at want a memorable ring, maybe something from a movie or a game
AON Do you guys have the ring from ?
lesigh- fucking really man'? ‘foo must be giving that to a guy.
His insults are arousing
and Sinai
I was calling to inquire about an antique handgun
what' s the name of the gun you' re looking for. exactly?
11912 it millimeter battletoad hand-
Cl Anonymous (ID: , In ) No. 41
mote and Silver
PH ello this is the Les Vegas police depart merit my name is Peterson My whee recieved a call from someone here saying that your store was
being Harrassed by someone repeatedly asking for uh -Battletoads .9"
sow sir but I Dent calling you can you give me the name of who did?
ates his name was Le Hedda
was it again'
atilla items was Austin Russel
isnt in right new . what was your name again?
mg up
and Silver
hwy I was wondering if you deal in rare books?
guess you want a Battletoads instruction boost?
Marcuse nnel??
Lot of prank calls tonight
Arita. dreds in the summertime not Find anything else better to do. ?
i‘ i" eatr_ well we dost reaaly deal in books hut we do have some here. What are you looking far?
ltr you happen to have anything by -, 9 "Old Man And The Bea" perhaps‘?
at dent think so .staid have to call during the daytime or come in to find out
W-. 11.. . Well I also have one i' d like to sell oft It' s a signed J. K. Rowling that print.
Harry Potter author?
sistah I had one of her books signed by her. Cherry Potter And The theier Dime "
totg Lettin kidding Th-
skill laughing
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