Title. [ Loading description... ]. The first time I high was in the Masta, Igtg CINE! amtter' s ,,, it. Itt It titlist
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cannabis is also legal in NK
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Some may find it irritating to be reposted, but I find it neat that people still find my picture funny.
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I find the description highly offensive to the slow internet connection I'm experiencing.
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made me laugh my mother sent this to me a week ago

i was arrested for possession on christmas 2 years ago
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**anonymous rolled user cloughie ** You're a fag. End of Convo.
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le Im bong high, blaze it le 420 fgt xDDD thumbzz111
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I am immune to getting high
And no, its not because I "don't inhale properly" or **** like that
I breathe out, hold my breath till I am desperate for air, then suck it in through that thing to prove I'm not being retarded and just "holding it in my mouth"

Smoked tones of the stuff with friend who is pothead and he gets high.
I might feel a bit more relaxed at most. I HATE IT. WHAT GIVES.
User avatar #8 to #6 - kasperscar (04/04/2013) [-]
Certain medications taken as a child could have affected your brain, I was reading something about it somewhere, But possiblely your body can't take in the chemicals.
Or you actually really high and you just can't tell you are.
And another possiblitly, a friend with ADHD has the same problem as you?
And Double breathing, Thats how you breath it in hardcore like, until you feel the crystal on your lungs to form. And Inhaling improperly is not just your mouth, Originally i would only inhale deep as my throat, then a mate showed me that if i take a long deep breath with allot of air not smoke it will go further. Idk Just Try something else or do it a diffrent way, don't get up so bitch, And how much is tons?
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Next time you smoke; try just normally taking a hit, and then sucking in after that, to push the smoke down further.
#26 to #6 - anon (04/04/2013) [-]
I've got the same deal. First time I ever smoked, I took a huge bong rip, and was expecting to get really high.
Instead I just felt hungrier, which is normal because I'm fat.
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Slow down there octagon, you're way too edgy for us.
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