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#70 - linktheherooftime (03/30/2013) [-]
Fred Phelps has a son, but not one named David. Fred Phelps' son's name is Nathan, and not only does he hate his father, but he's also an Atheist, a gay rights activist, and a naturalized Canadian. He's the only member of the Phelps family that I like.
User avatar #162 to #70 - rolldubs (03/31/2013) [-]
I live in the same city as him, should I go to try and meet him?
#139 to #70 - Rascal (03/31/2013) [-]
I was gunna say if that was Him I was gunna be pissed cause he is a great guy (As I have read on him).
User avatar #76 to #70 - Faz (03/30/2013) [-]
Fred Phelps has 13 children, wikipedia lists only 5 but there are 13 and one of which is David Phelps.
User avatar #165 to #76 - elcreepo (03/31/2013) [-]
13 ******* kids?!? Who the **** has 13 ******* kids in today's world?!?
User avatar #78 to #76 - linktheherooftime (03/30/2013) [-]
Okay, my mistake.
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