Disney's Beauty and the Beast. My facebook post, enjoy.. Elekid- about an hour ago via mobile . as So, Disney' s Beauty and the Beast takes place within a span  Disney's Beauty and the Beast My facebook post enjoy Elekid- about an hour ago via mobile as So Disney' s takes place within a span
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Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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Disney's Beauty and the Beast. My facebook post, enjoy.. Elekid- about an hour ago via mobile . as So, Disney' s Beauty and the Beast takes place within a span

My facebook post, enjoy.

about an hour ago via mobile . as
So, Disney' s Beauty and the Beast takes place within a span of FEES hours. Proof:
Maurice runs off to the fair to show off his invention on day one, as Belle gets courted by
Gaston. That evening, Maurice ends up at the Beast' s castle (which the horse never actually
saw Maurice take shelter in, as he took off and made it to Belle' s house the next morning
running at Mach speed, just after Belle rejects Gaston' s proposal.)
They reach the Beast' s castle in record time somehow, without any preparation without
actually knowing that Maurice is imprisoned in the castle.
Belle exchanges herself for her Father, and the Beast sends Maurice in a freakish carriage to their
little French town. It is ill the same evening, and apparently it has miraculously transformed
from summer to winter while Gaston is uber Filed about being rejected by Belle.
Meanwhile the Beast is pacing about after Maurice goes wake in the bar, lamenting his lack of
people skills. Mrs. Potts clearly says," She' s lost her father and her freedom all in one day". So all
in the same day this is happening, as Belle didn' t hold out very well about the whole "staying in
her room forever" line, and pigs out with the possessed silverware. She then immediately cons
the clock into giving a tour and ditches them to sneak into the forbidden West Iing. The
Beast gets uber mad, because he JUST TOLD HER Him RS EARLIER that the West Wing is
She runs out saying she can' t take another minute there, despite the fact she was there for
probably Just about hours enjoying herself for at least half of it.
She takes off on her horse, which is still LITERALLY standing at the gate she left at. or
course, over the course of those hours, somehow the summer blizzard has laid waste to
the whole wood s.
The Beast saves her from a pack of wolves that decided to take a short break from horse meat
while it was completely defenseless.
She patches the injured Beast up on the middle of the night, while Gaston and Lefou meet with
the Looney Bin owner. Maurice takes off that night to rescue Belle without adequately
preparing (like father like daughter], and Lefou gets stuck waiting in the snow for them to
The next day, Beast is head over heels in love with a girl he doesn' t really know, and gives her a
library. (She really Wes books.) They read all day as Maurice struggles to survive the sickness
he already came down with on Night #1. Beast and Belle have an evening of weird beastial
romance, before she sees her father in the magic mirror facedown on the ground (same
evening, or else the lack of Food/ water would have killed him). She takes off after being prisoner
for TING DAYS. Mas Lindsay Lohan' s "jail time".)
They make it back to the town that night, or Lefou would have died (he was already blue from
frostbite and hypothermia).
The rest is all straightforward, except for why is no one bundled up at all? W] nder lasted a day?
They go storm the castle in their summer best, Gaston makes some strategical foothold errors,
and the Beast to transformed after Belle realizes she loves men who have more hair on their
chest than Gaston.
Significantly less hairy, we' re treated to an epilogue of good intentions, but it leaves the
question: ofthe Rose had already "begun" to wilt, how did it go from a mostly intact rose to
completely moms in 3 days?
zoo Disney' s Beauty and the Beast. Would not watch again. #
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