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oh god

my sides
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It's okay, that's just because America likes the underdog story.
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not actually American
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If we're on the topic of kiwis
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I hate you know
I hate you know
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Can I ask you something? Is the "Just waitin for a mate" video from New Zealand?? Also I really want to go to New Zealand is it worth visiting?
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Nah, the video wasn't filmed in NZ, but it seems to have been recorded off of one of our stations though.

I would highly recommend going to, if you plan on coming here, Queenstown in the south island, and having a look at places like fjordland, where it is stunning all year round, and great skiing in winter.

The north island is a bit more populated but in the far north near Kaitai you can see some great beaches in the summer. I hear the coromandel is great to.

Auckland is the big city with a lot to do in general, and Wellington is where a bunch of NZ historical/cultural stuff is, including "Te Papa", and Weta Workshop where Lord of the Rings amongst other films have had all sorts of special effects done.

Anyway, that's a very quick summary on things to see and places to go, but NZ is extremely warm to visitors you'll find. We're a place where NOTHING happens so it's always nice whenever anyone takes an interest in us. :)
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A place where nothing happens except all the movies who want awesome landscape go, like lord of the friggen rings, and Harry friggen potter, etc!
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I'm seriously thinking about it because my grandma has friends in NZ she said I could stay with. What's New Zealand's opinion on Brits haha?
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my 'marican jimmies are rustled
not really i couldn't give a single ****
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*******		 christ..
******* christ..
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