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#88 - rieskimo
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(03/28/2013) [-]
If you regard yourself as a citizen of the United States of America and you vote against equal marriage rights, you're a moron. It's simple as that.

"The definition of Marriage is between one man and one woman" Well I'm sorry that our country uses a term that was in your ancient texts. That's a real bummer, but what we all think of when one person promises themselves to another and want it to be recognized legally that's the word we all think of.

We are not trying to change how you feel about the bond between a man and a woman. We are trying to let the legal definition allow that same contract be allowed between two consenting adults.

You take one of two positions.

You are for the equal treatment of your citizens and what the constitution of America was written about


You are not for the equal treatment of citizens and what the the constitution of America was written about.

It's that simple, this isn't a religious debate this is a legal debate.
#91 to #88 - wottafella
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(03/30/2013) [-]
Actually, a lot of people don't like the fact that two men/ women **** each other, but there are plenty who hate the fact that if a homosexual wishes to be married in a church/mosque/synagogue, marriage is a holy bond BETWEEN A MAN AND WOMAN not man and man, not woman and woman.

I don't understand why homosexuals are getting upset over this, they have civil partnership and getting married in holy buildings will only enrage those with religon. So in the end, this is a religous debate as the homosexuals are asking to marry in places of religon.
#92 to #91 - rieskimo
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(03/30/2013) [-]
No, you don't understand. Marriage as defined by the Christian church(among others I'm sure) is between a man and a woman.

I'm not trying to change that, the government has no right to try and change that.

But what we're talking about is not what is going on in your church. If you were paying attention what we're talking about is the legal definition. What rights are available to ANY citizen in the US and what can be upheld by the court of LAW not God.

The US government should allow marriage licenses to all of its citizens. A marriage license is where the government stops and churches begin. If a church decides not to allow same-sex marriage that is their right. Let god stay in the churches and out of the government, that is what our country was built on and those are the steps we should be following today.

Seperation of church and state and equal rights for all citizens of the United States of America.

You are either for equal rights or you are against the building blocks of our country. It's as simple as that.
#93 to #92 - wottafella
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(03/30/2013) [-]
Actually mate, I thought this is an international issue as I don't live in the U.S and this issue has been affecting England and to some extent, European countries as well.
#94 to #93 - rieskimo
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(03/30/2013) [-]
I did not know that, I was under the impression that most EU countries were a little more progressive than the US.

I don't know what's going on over there but I hope that it doesn't become as much of a *********** ********* that this BS has become.
#95 to #94 - wottafella
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(03/30/2013) [-]
A lot of people have been getting pissed off about the subject, yes in some countries they have allowed it, but when the topic hit England and the Vatican, people became butthurt about it, me, well i don't like the fact that homosexuals want to marry in churches.

I don't mind if they get married, but in a place of religon, it just offends me.

I don't mind if a homosexual enters my church that I attend, but if one asks to get married at my church than everyone (that is eastern Orthordox) will want to kill the homosexual that wishes to be married in the church, as for other churches (C of E, Catholic etc) than it's' their problem.
#96 to #95 - rieskimo
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(03/30/2013) [-]
You know what? I respect that wish, that is the community and the church's discretion. I know plenty of communities and churches that are OK with it. That's the beauty of denominations, you can hold dear you religion in your own way.

I don't care for hate or aggression, but I can see some communities want to remain traditional.

In all honesty I can't stand this BS in America with a "debate" over marriage rights. There is simply no debate, we established out country on the principles of free practice and equality. We have been taking embarrassingly long to fulfill that promise. In my opinion the government should stay out of the church and vice versa. They both have their places in society and don't need to intermingle.
#97 to #96 - wottafella
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(03/31/2013) [-]
If only that could happen, sadly it aint easy, government controls everything, so they pull strings and what not, the American government has been brought up on many cruel and disturbing things, why is it now the world decide to debate about this, I don't know.