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Never cared for the show, but props to them for using their publicity to advocate gay marriage. A risky move for most major parties to do, as it creates enemies as well as friends.
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am I the only one that still belives that merrage should be between man and women?
I have nothing against gay couples, but merrage is about family, responsibility, and ownership.
And in second,its not even ethical to call it merrage. But we can give it exclusive name,and it would be for gay's only. We cod call you...butt-budies. They are not going to be husband and wife, but they'll be...butt-budies. Butt-budies. Remember that....
#89 to #65 - jormungandr (03/28/2013) [-]
Your argument is identical to the black-white segregation problems.

"You can go into coffee shops, sure. But not our coffee shops. You have your own coffee shops. You aren't allowed in our coffee shops with the white people. But be happy, because you're still getting coffee"

That isn't equality.
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You're quoting a south park character right? The episode where mr. Garrison gives his students eggs to take care of. Stan and Kyle are partnered up because mr. Garrison tries to prove that gay couples can't raise a child. That line is said by governor or someone like that.
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You can't even spell "marriage". Your opinionated argument is invalid.

>merrage is about family, responsibility, and ownership.

I hope you're trolling.
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So, two men that love each other, adopt a child and love him/her even stronger, care for it and raise it, it's not a family or responsibility?
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If you want to get 'merried' I'm sure we'd all be fine with that.
I personally would rather get married.
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South Park translates to, "Obscene, offensive material that will cause the panties to tighten up the assholes of extremists."
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mmmm because the creators of South Park had no enemies until this...
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Let's see.. in their 200 anniversary episode they mocked the hell out of their own television, making them out to be cowardly and hypocritical. I think their support of gay marriage is the least offensive and bold move they did in the last decade.
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Totally off subject. I just really like your avatar. King Crimson rules.
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I hope they don't lose Tom Cruise over this, I know he used to be a big fan of the show...
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I believe that list goes as follows:
Anyone with a religion.
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Anyone with a religion.
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No it's just anyone who doesn't understand satire
User avatar #33 to #9 - therealtjthemedic (03/28/2013) [-]
No it's just anyone who doesn't understand satire
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