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#370 - wantabeer
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I agree. I don't see the problem with gays marrying. I also come from a pretty religious family, and my parents haven't ever taught me to hate anyone. Even gays. My grandparents and aunts & uncles are a different story. The pastor of my church even gave a sermon on gays. He wasn't preaching against them though. He encouraged us to stop letting their sexual orientation inflict on our relationship with gay people. Church that day was pretty much concluded with him announcing "I just don't think being gay is a sin. In my studies I've met some good people who turned out to be gay, and I have a hard time believing that they're condemned". Lots of people disagreed with him and left the Church, but many people (like my family) were incredibly relieved. Christianity is a joke when you take it to such an extreme that it becomes a hateful following. I know many people are atheist or follow a different religion, and that's fine. That's what you believe. There's not much (if any at all) concrete evidence to support my religion. As a budding scientist this is something that even I struggle with. All I'm really getting at is that hate isn't something Christians need to practice. I thought that much was obvious, but when you're taught that way it just seems natural. That's not to say that I'm never rude or that I've never lost my nerve, but I don't harbor an empty hatred for anybody simply because a several thousand year old document written by *men* told me they're sinners. Everybody has something to be guilty of.

tl;dr - Arguments about gay marriage that are based around "God's Law" are empty arguments that hold no water, and I don't think it should have any impact of my fellow Americans' civil rights.