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Are stars not spheres?
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try googling "stars", genius
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I meant real stars...
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Sir take some time out and re think things. Have some of this.
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tell me...what are real stars?
can you guess what this is?
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it's a circle
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Geoids to be precise
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Yo, Atheists.   
If God isn't real, why does the word "God" exist then? God wouldn't make the word "God" if it didn't mean anything.   
Atheist: 0   
Christians: 1
Yo, Atheists.

If God isn't real, why does the word "God" exist then? God wouldn't make the word "God" if it didn't mean anything.

Atheist: 0
Christians: 1
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Humans made it up thousands of years ago. Words are easy to make up and you can give them any meaning you want.
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My bad...
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easy there Descartes
#40 to #35 - teoberry (03/25/2013) [-]
descartes will never stop.
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this made me laugh so hard... but I don't know WHY!?
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Is it because you want the dick?
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He looks just like Al Pacino
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Those eyes are so god damn seductive o_o
User avatar #144 to #49 - connorsg (03/26/2013) [-]
but does the dick, ACTUALLY exist?
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Anselm, originally.
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If God is omnipotent then why can't he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Christians: 0
Athiest: 0
People who think these arguments are getting old: 1====
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okay, speaking as somebody who doesn't belong to a church, there is no money grubbing ******** whoring religion like Scientology, i believe all churches are corrupt but Scientology doesn't even teach good values or morals or enforce a deity or line of thought, it's just "give us money, because of reasons"
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oh most definitely, just ask a Scientologist how to become a god and you can see the price tag.

still as ridiculous as any other religion.
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They worship John Travolta's charcter in Battlefield Earth.
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I don't really care what religion other people are, as long as they aren't ******* extremists, don't ******* go there. Yes, I am a Christian, most of us aren't that bad, and most of us hate the ones that point out everything "wrong" you're doing with your life.
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This is why I like Stephen Colbert. Even though he is a Catholic he makes jokes about religion, without going overboard.
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He has a point. No religion has been here since the dawn of time. Hell, most of the major modern religions are only a few thousand years old which isn't really that long by even human history. They had to come from somewhere with somebody 'making them up.' I have no idea why this concept is causing so much butthurt - the Bible, for example, literally gives you the names of the people that wrote and 'made up' each bit.

Whether you think that the knowledge that a person created the religion devalues it or the messages taught by it is different. I would suggest that if this so affects you that you can't just laugh it off and continue to enjoy your faith then a career-ly offensive comedian is not your biggest issue right now.
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Whenever comedians make slams on religions this is how they look to me.
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i thought maybe i could go one day without seeing a religious post, it doesn't matter which religion its about, but I thought that maybe, just maybe.
i thought maybe i could go one day without seeing a religious post, it doesn't matter which religion its about, but I thought that maybe, just maybe.
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is that the fat gai who had his WoW account hacked?
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Gabe newell when someone ask about release date
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It's all acting.
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(He's a pretty cool guy actually, it's just acting)
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You need to lower your expectations.
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I've seen many jokes from Jimmy Carr in my fj browsing days, and never has a single one of them done anything but mock religion. I'm sure he's said other things, and maybe some of them are funny, but I've never bothered looking them up because jokes like this are literally all I've seen from him.
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That's a shame, he doesn't really mock religion much more than many other comedians, people like Jim Jeffries is way more upfront with it, I've never heard or gotten the feeling that Carr thinks religious people are dumb, he just dislikes religion as a concept as many atheists do.

His style is to be really offensive, I personally find him to be the best comedian at this moment, if you clear your presumptions of him and just watch his show I'm sure you'll laugh your arse off, his humor relates heavily to people who already lost their soul to the internet.
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"i've never seen any of his other content, but i've never actually looked"
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That's the Funnyjunk filter.
He has a lot of material.
All of it is offensive, but hey...
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Jimmy Carr
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You sure showed those religious people! all over the world they are suddenly realizing how wrong they are and are fearing your edgyness and originality.
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Because you're a paragon of wit.
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Did I say I was?
#85 to #79 - daspopo (03/25/2013) [-]
No, but your repeating of every other post here and trying to play it off as your own implies you think you are, but are just as unoriginal as everyone else.
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*sigh* great... just great....
#128 - anon (03/25/2013) [-]
inb4 angry atheists
inb4 angry christians
inb4 sued
Too late
I hate all religions and beliefs
I am a giant hypocrite
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Oh boy, here we go
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