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I agree with everything except the age thing. How the **** does a 15 year old know what love is?
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my cousin met a boy when she was 13 (they were the same age). Today they're happily married with 3 kids and they're coming up on their 12 year anniversary.
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Congratulations! :) Wish them the best of luck!
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Nice response. Thumbs up!
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I completely agree. The amount of maturity between a 15 and a 21 year old is quite different. A 15 year old is still going through vital parts of puberty, while a 21 year old is pretty much done with it. A 15 year old with a 21 year old is just wrong in my eyes. It's different from... let's say... a 35 year old with a 41 year old, because you're done developing and are much closer in terms of maturity.
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what of these kids who go to college when there still young teens? they lack mental capacity? you cannot assume ALL 15yo's are the same. I'm 21 dating a 15 RIGHT NOW. and I personally don't give a **** what you people think about it.
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They may not lack mental capacity, they could be geniuses, but the fact of the matter is that they're brains are still developing and they need a lot of guidance. They're hormones are going crazy working to develop them into mature people, but until then they don't have the ability to make completely wise decisions for themselves with out the help of their family and close friends. They are more likely to make more severe mistakes if they take on tasks by themselves. And if you didn't care, you wouldn't be commenting.
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We don't really don't give a damn do what ever you like we don't give a **** about your life. Sorry but its true move on if you don't like what you hear.
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so what your saying is that a 12 year old knows as much as you do from experiences, heart ache, and other pains from life to build her character and still acts like an adult without being somewhat scarred or damaged? The girl must be very VERY rare or your ************ .
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Let me ask you, how old are you?
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1. It matters because for all I know, you could be a 13 or 14 year old commenting on stuff they don't know about.
2. You're talking about a person almost half your age being as mature as you. I suggest taking some classes on human development.
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That's fine. But please try not to confuse people into believing that a 12 year old is as mature as any adult. Because frankly, they aren't.
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There's no limit to maturity. It just progresses as you get older you don't hit it at all its all based on what you experience or see others experience you do "hit maturity" like you hit puberty.
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excuse me *don't
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No, I don't assume anything. These are facts that I have learned in my several developmental classes. There are several universal traits that go along with the development as kids age. And in these studies many factors are looked at. Kids at that age tend to act as they believe their peers want them to act, especially older peers because they try to emulate them to impress them.
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Exactly! You can develop a whole bunch between a small time gap of only a few years. I'm only 17 and I'm positive that I changed and view things from a different perspective from two years for better and some for worse. People have this kinda generic over rated personal view that "love conquers all" and that "well if a 21 year old and a 27 year old hook up I see no difference" when in fact there is a huge difference and a major factor of that is that they are both adults.
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Well, I'm 23 now... I'm an old man. And there are people I know of who have dated young girls... ******* disgusting, it's like they don't understand that they are just kids and they may be like "I'm mature for my age" **** you, you're not. If you can't see that you still have developing to do then you're not mature at all. I've taken several development classes for my major and the physical, mental, and emotional development that occurs between 15 and the 20's is very different. Kids at 15 don't see the dangers and consequences of their actions and are more likely to participate in dangerous activities. There's also the amount of experiences in life that is very different. 15 year olds are still quite sheltered by their families and by society, where as 21 year olds have seen and done more in their lives. One of my friends is 22, and he's dating a 17 year old. He was pissed because her guardian didn't allow him to see her and take her out during certain times in the week because he had gotten her in past her curfew. I simply told him, that's what you ******* get when you date a kid, you shouldn't expect them to be as free as you because they simply aren't.
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Pfft 23 and you call yourself old? (I consider 60 old and from 40-50 middle aged) HA! xD I understand. I kinda feel like these teens are being taken advantaged of more than being loved. Had bunch of friends date 27-28 year olds at 14-15 and come crying to me saying they got used. Uh...DUH! what? you expected it to work out? He's twice your age and you barely even know yourself yet let alone another being. Yeah people do say sometimes say that I'm mature for my age at rare occasions, but I have a looooooooooooong way before I can consider myself wise and mature like some adults and my elders. That sheltered bit is so true as well but other than being in my house I can either go to parties( I hate crowds, dancing, drinking, pot, you get what I mean for kids who do It fine just be safe) or go to a friends house once in a while. I just don't see the point of growing up. I don't know maybe because they feel more "mature" when they date this older guys or have sex and party. Here's a hint: theres more to being an adult than just sex, drugs, and alchohol and there's a little thing called responsibility and maturity. Maybe you should own up to some and grow the **** up and stop being ******* liars to yourselves.
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Lol I sort of use it as a joke. A week or so ago, I stayed at my friends place. He has a little sister who is 12, sweet thing always trying to impress. It's easy to forget how young they are because they put up such a front, but they make silly mistakes, say inappropriate things, thinking it makes them seem bigger and tougher and more like us, when it has the opposite effect, she talks about things going on in school, stupid things with friends, because at that stage of the early teens the most important thing in their life is their social life and how others view them. I tell her that things like that won't matter in a few years, it makes me feel terribly old when I realize I'm more than twice her age and she seems to be growing so quickly. She has a crush on me, and I explain to her that when she's older she'll understand why that sort of relationship wouldn't be right because she has so much learning to do. She tells me one of her friends are bi-sexual. Me and her brother sort of laugh at it because we know kids are just trying to find and define themselves so quickly they put these labels that they don't really understand. She gets pissed thinking we are making fun of gay people, I remember doing the same at her age when I had a friend I had found out was gay. Anyway, this was a little story that I thought was appropriate for this conversation. You seem like a smart kid, don't do things that you think will change who you are. All the sex and drugs and drinking isn't as great as it seems, in fact, it's pretty boring. Well... except sex, but make sure it's with the right person, that's when it's great, otherwise it's pretty God Awful. Never lose your childhood, it's what makes the world fun, if you lose your inner child you basically lose your will to live.
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Aw thanks I appreciate it. Yeah it just seems like kids are in such a rush and it feels that you need to keep up or get left behind and be alone. I prefer to be alone anyways so no biggy ^_^
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Yeah, labels and dating seems to be much more important much earlier on than when I was a kid. That **** usually didn't happen until I was in highschool, of course I was terrible at keeping up with the fads, but it didn't really effect me. I see the most popular girl from my highschool a lot at my college, working at the campus fast food joints and stuff. It's like, she was at such a high level before, but now that we are in college we're at the same level. No one really cares about me, and no one cares about her. That's the thing about college, there's really no popularity contest going on because so many students are transferring in and out there's not social hierarchy like in highschool. No one cares. Everything that happened as a kid seems so silly now.
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I'm just hoping as I grow up, people will finally see that themselves. Lol I was the same way, well, I just didn't care and still don't. Just want to be on my way and enjoy the fun things on it.
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They will. They'll laugh about all the stupid things they did as kids and see how pointless it was. Out of curiosity, how old are you?
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17 member? :D
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Oh yeah, all that **** will end soon enough. A bit past them being in college, because when they are first there they do stupid **** because mommy and daddy aren't there to stop them, then, they'll calm the **** down and act more like adults, especially when they see that their actions are causing their grades to drop. <.< Of course people will always do stupid **** , it just lessens a bit as they grown older and acquire new responsibilities.
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What a relief I just want some more people to relate to that aren't complete jackasses or assholes -_- Of course stupidity always exist and I'm not gonna pretend I'm Mr.perfect either. I do my fair share of stupid stuff but you can only take so much before face palming yourself to a bloody mutilated pulp. Ah well Thank you for that glimmer of hope I appreciate it alot! :P
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