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User avatar #60 - localcatbarber (03/22/2013) [-]
Hold the **** up..... I might be wrong, so please feel free to correct me or give me a source, because this is only something I've heard... but doesn't finland take students with low achievment or learning disabilities into different classes than the rest, and these classes did not participate in the international tests?
#130 to #60 - Rascal (03/22/2013) [-]
nope. and also around 50% of this comp is utter BS.
User avatar #132 to #130 - localcatbarber (03/22/2013) [-]
Nope to what? Nope to what I said, or nope to that I might be wrong?
#92 to #60 - Rascal (03/22/2013) [-]
that is unknown to me but in my school there is around 300 studs. and there is 1 class that holds average 3-10 studs at each year and amount of them (% of studs) is lower in most schools that i have visited.
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