Da Fuq Amazon. This made me laugh harder than it should have. Not OC but found it funny, sorry if repost, never seen before TL;DR: girlscouts do NOT with this g stun gun girl scouts Projectile vomit
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Da Fuq Amazon

This made me laugh harder than it should have.
Not OC but found it funny, sorry if repost, never seen before
TL;DR: girlscouts do NOT **** with this guy, he doesn't want cookies...EVER

Blunt , ‘Schhck Therapy'., Stun tum, I Hit Joggers
Bib 335_ ' Saws? In Stock. Strips broment satiny Mall, Inc-
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mmer December M. Still 2
I purchased this after I was confu nded by some punks demanding that I hand
over my money, I' m a relatively fit guy. but I was no match for them, That is
when I realized that I need to protect my self. The day after I bought this product
I went to the very same parking lot when I was first mugged. I
approached the group of hooligans standing outside the entrance. concealing
my wetmore,
I may asked ‘Remember me?.".
One of them looked up and said, ‘Have you come back to buy some Samoas or
Thin Mints? My art Scout Troop needs to raise more money!‘
I replied with 'you* re not taking my money this time‘. Tot sir, they' re
delicious!", she said,
I whipped out my Knuckle Blaster Shin Gun hand and shouted "WRONG MOVE
B""!" The tne girl scouts ran away screaming.
as I pounded my chest in victory. I accidentally activated the stun gun and
applied 950, 000 ‘volts to my right nipple- I woke up 4 hours later to the sound
of heavy footsteps, Those Girl Scouts had brought their fathers. But I was
ready. I lunged at the largest one with a cry of ' macs LE!!!" and hit him
in the stomach, He hit the ground harder than a fat kid on aju ngie gym,
as the others began to circle around me, I changed techniques. Holding both of
my ban in tight fists, I rased my arms to my sides and initiated the helicopter
spin, They all backed oft, fearing my impressive RPM, After a while I started
getting diary. and one of the fathers decided to try to tackle me, as he ran to me
stood there. dizzy and queasy: time was going real slow. Then I remembered. I
had eaten lunch at Chipotle and the burrito was fighting its way back up my
I tuned toward my enemy and launched a stream of projectile vomit at him,
knocking him to the ground. Then I started singing let the bodies hit the floor,
let the bodies hit the floor. let the bodies hit the,,,, EGGS RAR!!!?
my Knuckle Slasher Stun Gun and shoved it into my mouth, running
headfirst at my foes. electrocuting them with my teeth, Eventually they were all
unconscious. and I walked home victorious.
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