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#7 - Slicernicer
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(03/19/2013) [-]
Most of modern day Poland was Germany 100 years ago.
#28 to #7 - sanguinius
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(03/19/2013) [-]
I'd say not the most of It, but it's still pretty much of it. Also as you can see on the map (red is for borders before war, pink is Poland nowadays) Soviets stolen from us (after war 312 683 km², before Poland have 389 720 km²) 20% of our country (with Polish big cities like Lvov or Vilna). And it isnt our fault, it is our west "allies" who sold Poland to Soviets after war, no matter how many we sacrificed to fight with Axis
#93 to #28 - Slicernicer
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(03/20/2013) [-]
Those are the 1939 lines. Those don't include Posen, Upper Silesia, and West Prussia as part of Germany in 1914. Most of modern day Poland was part of Imperial Germany (second Reich).

Still, those bastards ****** up big time and the Poles deserved something after having most of their country taken from them by the Soviets. Too bad Lvov was still lost.

Also, the west didn't just hand over Poland. The Soviets were on the Elbe and it would have taken another couple years of bloody war to get to the modern Polish border, and another year just to get to Minsk, then another to get to Smolensk, and then another couple to get to Moscow, and that still wouldn't have stopped the Soviets. And we're only counting years right now, not bodies.