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#164 - Laddie (03/18/2013) [-]
Yeah. God forbid people celebrate their heritage. What pricks.
User avatar #179 to #164 - mcfunkdaddy (03/18/2013) [-]
implying they are celebrating st.patrick and not just using it an an excuse to wear green and get wasted? yeh sure kid.
User avatar #204 to #179 - theepiclol (03/18/2013) [-]
I'm from Northern Ireland and most people here use it as an excuse to get hammered as well, but then again most Irish people will get wasted at any opportunity...
User avatar #200 to #179 - Laddie (03/18/2013) [-]
Why in the **** would you need an excuse to wear green?
User avatar #267 to #200 - mcfunkdaddy (03/19/2013) [-]
you know what I mean.
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