Xenomorph. they exist. Moray Eel Pharyngeal Jaw
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#8 - theincorrigibleone (03/17/2013) [-]
>be me 4 years old while my dad was stationed in Pearl and was home after Westpac
>decided to take me and my 2 year old brother fishing for some ungodly reason
>living in military housing with a lagoon off the back of our property with old dock
>dad gets us sweet batman fishing poles from walmart (most badass fishing poles ever)
>now we're out fishing with me bored as **** . why? I'm 4 ******* years old. That's why
>suddenly, got a bite
> ******************** !
>nearly pulls me in so my dad races over and grabs the pole
>my badass pole couldn't handle it
>dad grabs the line and starts pulling the damn thing in
>yanks up monster (3 ft. long) moray eel
>brother screams in terror and runs for the house but trips and lands face first in the dirt, motionless
>dad is trying to wrestle the ******* beast
>pins it under his knee
>it keeps thrashing and stuff and ends up hitting him in the face with it's tail
>he punched that goddamn eel in the side of it's head
>tells me to go get a camera
>i run past my brother who is sobbing hysterically into the dirt and into the house
>grab my dad's camera
>run back out past my brother who is still just lying face down in the dirt crying
>dad takes the camera, pulls me close, and takes a picture of me him and the eel then gives me back the camera
>grabs some pliers and yanks the hook out as violently as possible then stands up and kicks that bitch ass eel back in the water
>goes over and picks up my brother who is still sobbing into the dirt
>shows my mom the picture and my brother who asks him "what the **** happened?! I thought you were going fishing?!"
#14 to #8 - yuukiii (03/17/2013) [-]
that was a great story, if you have anymore good ones please share.
that was a great story, if you have anymore good ones please share.
User avatar #15 to #14 - theincorrigibleone (03/17/2013) [-]
I've got a bunch from when we were living over there. After we moved from Hawaii my life got a hell of a lot more boring for some reason. Might just upload some as content.
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Maury eel
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My uncle got his finger nearly bitten off once when he cleaned a fish in the water. Now I just imagine an alien's head rising from the water and then using it's tiny mouth-tongue to bite off his finger
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Never going swiming again.
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too bad that looks like a retarded eel. this is more like the xenomorph's retarded cousin nick.
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