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[Warning, ******** physics ahead.]

How much power can Superman generate? The only clue I have about this is that I remember watching "Superman - The Movie" from 1978. In the end (SPOILER ALERT!) Superman reverses the rotation of the earth in about 10 seconds. That is equivalent to a power output of 4,3*10^28 W if my calculations are correct. This is more than 100 times more than the power output of the sun, which I find a bit strange considering that the sun is the source of his powers. I don't know what the power output of his heat vision or super breath is.
How much energy can Superman generate? Does he need to rest or can he generate electricity forever? Does he need to consume massive amounts of food or is the sun enough to recharge him? If he needs food I suggest feeding him algae or something else that does not require much energy to produce. To be able to have the power output mentioned above while only powered by meat, he would have to eat about 25 quintillion (2,5*10^19) pigs every second if the average weight of the pigs is 100 kg. At that rate all pigs on earth only would last for 0,1 nanoseconds. This makes me believe that Superman is not powered by regular food.
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My thoughts are that his energy efficiency is simply amazing.I could be wrong but it never says what is energy output actually is
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He can store the energy from the Sun in his cells. There is a version of Superman in year 10 million, where he had his Fortress of Solitude built in core of the Sun. The energy absorbed for the past million of years made him nigh-omnipotent, pretty much most powerful being in DC universe only second to The Presence.
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Ok explain this then, how can a being powered BY light travel FASTER than light? Because Superman flies at faster than light speeds in space
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Do you really expect me to explain, how can fictional being travel faster than light? Don't ask me, I'm not nerdy enough to know it.
User avatar #104 to #103 - youngchief ONLINE (03/16/2013) [-]
Basically it shouldn't be possible, it was a rhetorical question to prove that his powers make no sense
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To be honest, like 99,9% powers of superheroes don't make any sense. Yet people still argue about it.
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