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User avatar #8 - iliekcereal (03/15/2013) [-]
>be me
>like girl since 8th grade
>currently junior in hs
>probably somewhere in between "really good friend" and "like a brother"
>hard to tell because she's shy and **** and likely wouldn't know even if she does like me
>tired of chasing her
>ruining my other attempts at relationships

I think I'm gonna do it guys. I really think I'm gonna ask her to prom this year. Should I? I think I'll probably get turned down, but then again maybe that's better than continuously chasing her.
User avatar #102 to #8 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I feel kinda guilty saying this, but I didn't do it. I was really close to doing it. I asked her casually if she was going to prom, and she kinda reeled off a list of reasons she wasn't going. Then she kinda ran from the conversation. After that, I kinda figured it wasn't a good idea to do it. Things were kinda awkward between us for a while. Luckily, spring break wasn't too far away and a week and a half away from each other kinda fixed things. We're better now then I'd say we've been in a long time. Idk if I'll ask her out (it's an option, but I'm unsure. It'll most likely happen eventually) but I'm gonna kinda try to make things better between us. We used to be really inseparable, but this year we've had some fairly long stretches of not talking for long periods of time despite having all of our classes together. It's a possibility that I'll invite her over if I have to babysit my little sister this weekend. She really likes her. Idk if she'll say yes, that sexual tension (I think that's what it is) has always been there for us when it comes to hanging out outside of school. After that, idk what happens.

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also, sorry to whoever posted this content You need to login to view this link must be weird to get comments on your month old post.
#121 to #102 - cavysback (04/21/2013) [-]
Keep trying.

Never give up on it until you think it's time to.
User avatar #122 to #121 - iliekcereal (04/21/2013) [-]
I'm still going to work on it. I haven't given up yet. I think there's still maybe hope for me sometime in the future.
#123 to #122 - cavysback (04/21/2013) [-]
Always is.
User avatar #124 to #123 - iliekcereal (04/21/2013) [-]
Thanks man
#125 to #124 - cavysback (04/21/2013) [-]

I'm trying to figure things out with the girl I was talking about earlier.

You're lucky that you're buddies with this girl. Regardless of what you'll be told, it ALWAYS makes it easier when you know them well during the time.

As for me, I really have no clue if I have a shot with her. She's sort of in a different group of friends, and I haven't spoken more than a handful of words with her for about two years.

Times are hard.
User avatar #107 to #102 - wallacewells (04/19/2013) [-]
Hey, I think that's better. Let the relationship work itself out.
User avatar #109 to #107 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I will. But it's gonna be so damn hard to wait.
User avatar #104 to #102 - Hreidmar ONLINE (04/19/2013) [-]
In your situation, I'd try to break that tension as fast as possible by just putting the question out there. It's not guaranteed to work, but often enough, both guys and girls want the other gender to make the first move so they don't look like a fool in case of rejection. But a) even if you do get rejected, you don't look like a fool, b) (from personal experience) sometimes she'll say no... but the idea's out there, she'll think about it... and then say ok, c) someone has to make the first move. Make it yourself. Trust me, at least that will be a point in your favour.

And if she says no and means it, well... you're free to go after others. She's not the only person in the world, and not the only one that you can be happy with.
User avatar #106 to #104 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I see what you're saying. I'll probably do something soon, but I don't know when. I have the feeling that if I get anywhere with her, it's going to have to be gradually. I'd much rather do it now, but I just don't think it's necessarily wise. I think first, whatever has happened to us over the last few months needs to be resolved in some way (which is probably close to being done anyways), and then after that happens, it's clear sailing to me asking her.
User avatar #108 to #106 - Hreidmar ONLINE (04/19/2013) [-]
You know more about the situation than I do. But sometimes, you just have to take the plunge. Not always... but sometimes. Keep that in mind. And hey... when you're falling, what a glorious feeling!

Either way, good luck to you.
User avatar #110 to #108 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I will. I expect it to be soonish, but not tomorrow. Thanks man :)
User avatar #103 to #102 - RisenLichen (04/19/2013) [-]
**** man. You were close! but I can see where you're coming from. try and wait it out a bit longer, but don't wait too long
User avatar #105 to #103 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I don't know how reliable the info I got was. For all I know, she might have been saying yes to the other guy. I've kinda suspected that she liked him for a while now. But then again, everyone in the school either thinks we're dating, or at the very least knows that I like her. So I figure she has to have some idea. And I guess I kinda think that if it was a problem, we would've stopped talking by now. But then again, a friend of mine who I always somewhat suspected liked me (although without much proof, just an instinct) started hinting that she liked me, and it kinda made things uncomfortable. I don't really know if I could see her as more than a friend, and the distance is too much anyways, along with a slew of other reasons. So I guess I can kinda see her knowing, but choosing to ignore it a possibility. Which makes me sad, but might be the closest thing I have to closure at the moment.
User avatar #111 to #105 - RisenLichen (04/19/2013) [-]
ok, so what I'm getting from this is that you're drifting away from her. at the very least, before you part ways, tell her how you feel. AT THE VERY LEAST. IF ANYTHING, tell her NOW before its too late. I'm telling you, if you wait too long then it'll be too late. You will regret it. At some point. Just, tell her how you feel, in short burst, don't just blurt everything out. Make sure you're alone, and just talk to her.
User avatar #113 to #111 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I would say we're drifting away, but not too fast. We still talk frequently, it's just... different. I think there's something unresolved between us that I have absolutely no idea what it is. All I can really think of is possibly some remaining confusion over the first time we stopped talking (thus causing all the other times), her realizing that I like her and feeling kind of uncomfortable about that, or maybe (here comes some optimism) her being in the same boat as me and trying to get away because of it. Although I doubt it, because that's not typically how my life works
User avatar #114 to #113 - RisenLichen (04/19/2013) [-]
Trust me when I say I know that feel.

But do tell her. it's the weekend, just invite her over, make sure you're alone, and talk to her. About everything. You'll feel much better, I assure you.
User avatar #115 to #114 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
I am almost never alone. My mom works weekdays and my dad works weekends. So one of them is always home. And if they aren't, I'm babysitting my 9 year-old sister
User avatar #116 to #115 - RisenLichen (04/19/2013) [-]
It's warm. go to a park. Like at sunset or some **** . make it romantic
User avatar #117 to #116 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
It's been quite rainy around here. And not warm at all. This weekend is looking to great. Everywhere is flooded anyways.
User avatar #118 to #117 - RisenLichen (04/19/2013) [-]
Then go to her place. Or go somewhere where you can be alone
User avatar #119 to #118 - iliekcereal (04/19/2013) [-]
She's never allowed me inside the few times I've been to her house. I may ask her to dinner or whatever. But idk
User avatar #120 to #119 - RisenLichen (04/19/2013) [-]
No no, nothing big like that. Just ask if she wants to hang out and go somewhere. but nothing big, and nothing fancy. Not the movies either.
User avatar #112 to #111 - Hreidmar ONLINE (04/19/2013) [-]
This guy has the right idea. If things don't work out, follow this advice.
User avatar #86 to #8 - iliekcereal (03/21/2013) [-]
Hey guys, interesting new development. I found out that as long as she can afford a dress, she'll say yes. At least that was what a friend told me. I plan to do it Monday, hopefully.

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#101 to #86 - cavysback (03/30/2013) [-]

Little late for me to say, but good luck, man!
#98 to #86 - scruffums (03/23/2013) [-]
Get it, man! :D I know you can do this big guy! I'm actually back on the track of pursuing a girl I let go of long ago. But now, I'm going to make her mine again. Hopefully.
User avatar #100 to #98 - iliekcereal (03/23/2013) [-]
Thanks! Good luck to you too!
User avatar #97 to #86 - RisenLichen (03/21/2013) [-]
****************** .

Good luck bro
User avatar #99 to #97 - iliekcereal (03/23/2013) [-]
Thanks dude!
User avatar #91 to #86 - wallacewells (03/21/2013) [-]
Ooooh, I hope she can. Good luck <3
User avatar #92 to #91 - iliekcereal (03/21/2013) [-]
Thank you! Once I ask, I'll let everyone know!
User avatar #93 to #92 - wallacewells (03/21/2013) [-]
Alright, sounds great!
User avatar #87 to #86 - Hreidmar ONLINE (03/21/2013) [-]
Good. Make sure you retain your balls until then. Don't chicken out at the last minute because of some stupid self-doubt issue.

Also, here's a hint, don't expect anything other than just going out to prom that night. If it goes farther than that, great, it'll happen. If you raise your expectations, a) you might be pushing her too far (there's a difference between making your intentions clear, and being too forceful) and b) you might get disappointed by what should otherwise be a fantastic evening. I don't know how much you need that hint, but I've known plenty of people who got their hopes unrealistically high.
User avatar #88 to #87 - iliekcereal (03/21/2013) [-]
I doubt it'll be a problem at this point. I doubt it. And believe me, I highly doubt I will ever score with this girl. And I'm 100% ok with that. The only thing I'm not sure of is should I make sure she knows I'm asking her out, or should I just ask her, and try to progress it from there?
User avatar #89 to #88 - Hreidmar ONLINE (03/21/2013) [-]
This comes down to personal choice, and really you're the only one with enough info about this girl to make it. From the very little I know of your situation, I'd make your intentions clear from the start, so there can be no misunderstandings later.
User avatar #90 to #89 - iliekcereal (03/21/2013) [-]
I see. I'm not sure what I'll do then. I'm leaning towards asking her to prom, and then eventually asking her to be my girlfriend, but idk. You make a good point. And we've kinda been around this point a few times before. I asked her to the movies when I was a freshmen, and I completely thought it was a date, especially after her reaction to me the next day, but it turns out it wasn't. Long story short, she brought her fat lesbian friend with.
User avatar #94 to #90 - Hreidmar ONLINE (03/21/2013) [-]
If a misunderstanding has happened before, I'd definitely make your intentions clear from the start. And don't doubt yourself. Don't be an arrogant twat, but be confident in yourself, act suave and just in general keep a grip on the situation. It isn't hard.
User avatar #95 to #94 - iliekcereal (03/21/2013) [-]
Alright. Thanks dude, I appreciate it :)
User avatar #96 to #95 - Hreidmar ONLINE (03/21/2013) [-]
Cheers, and good luck.
#63 to #8 - cavysback (03/16/2013) [-]
I screwed up pretty badly.

Let my friend drift off just in time to realize that I liked her a lot. I don't have the courage to even say hi to her.

Do it for those who can't. Always faithful.
User avatar #77 to #63 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
:( I'll try to make you proud
#50 to #8 - vahid (03/16/2013) [-]
Do not do it. May sound controversial.

The goal is to make her jealous. As soon as she sees you flirting, even making out with other girls she will overthink what she thinks about you.

If she wants you then, then she feels something for you, if not, you are **** out of luck even if you would have asked her bro.
User avatar #44 to #8 - Leopard (03/16/2013) [-]
Prom is something friends do for other friends. It's not a relationship thing a lot of the times. If she says yes, you'll get deeper into the friendzone.
User avatar #78 to #44 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
What do you suggest I do?
User avatar #85 to #78 - Leopard (03/17/2013) [-]
leav the friend zone
User avatar #42 to #8 - wallacewells (03/16/2013) [-]
Think about it this way; I'm sure she'd like to go to prom with somebody, and if you're really good friends, she'll love to go with you. Being shy, I'm sure she has a lot of time to think about stuff/realize that prom isn't necessarily a 'date' (though it can be if you make it one) so I'd say ask her as soon as possible.

I also misspelled prom as porn twice...
User avatar #76 to #42 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
How do you suggest making it clear that it's a date?
User avatar #79 to #76 - wallacewells (03/16/2013) [-]
Oh, well I would suggest just asking her. She should get the hint, I think.
User avatar #80 to #79 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
I suppose that would also work
#30 to #8 - anon (03/16/2013) [-]
Go for it man, do us proud.
#25 to #8 - anon (03/16/2013) [-]
It's going to be ok lil ***** you can do it.
User avatar #46 to #25 - adigangsta (03/16/2013) [-]
abahahahahah, this cracked me up really hard
User avatar #26 to #25 - gunslayer (03/16/2013) [-]
And that is the day that anonymous made me trip balls of laughter.
User avatar #24 to #8 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
You really have nothing to lose here. If she is that much of a friend to you, she will say yes simply because she doesn't want to let a friend down. If she says no, then you will be in the same place you are now. Don't be frightened by girls you like, I know it's hard, but you need to go into this with an attitude of "of course she will say yes". Believe in yourself and you will achieve anything. This thread believes in you.
User avatar #34 to #24 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
And I appreciate the **** out of this thread. I'm pretty close to the "of course she'll say yes" feeling. I feel pretty damn motivated.
User avatar #33 to #24 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
The thing is, I don't really want her to say yes because she feels she has to.
User avatar #41 to #33 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
Don't make it seem too platonic either, if she doesn't know your true feelings and intentions, she might end up dancing with some other douche that sweeps her off her feet. Be agressive. Just don't be overbearing
User avatar #81 to #41 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
How exactly does one do that?
User avatar #82 to #81 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
Make it clear that isn't just two friends going to prom. Tell her how beautiful she looks. Slow dance with her. And when its all about to end, and you're looking in her eyes and it feels right, make that first kiss. Oh, and I want to how it goes. If my advice gets someone laid, I feel like part of me got laid, too.
User avatar #84 to #82 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
Do I make it clear in asking her, or at the dance? And I probably won't be getting laid after this night, but maybe eventually. Maybe.
User avatar #83 to #82 - iheartfapping (03/16/2013) [-]
*I want to know how it goes
#22 to #8 - anon (03/16/2013) [-]
Make your intentions clear. If you act like you're only her friend, that's all you'll ever be. Take a leap. You'll either live your whole ******* life with regret or you'll make moves. Worst case scenario, she says no. Who the **** cares? You can have one of the best nights of your life and the only risk is an awkward no? ASK HER NOW, ****** !
#20 to #8 - scruffums (03/16/2013) [-]
Ask her, man. You have to. Don't be left always wondering what if.
User avatar #36 to #20 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
I will admit I'm quite afraid of that feeling
User avatar #19 to #8 - Hreidmar ONLINE (03/16/2013) [-]
In these cases, the answer's almost always 'do it.' And if you're letting your affections for this one girl block out any other opportunities at relationships, then:

If she accepts, hey! You have a girlfriend, the one you wanted.
If she doesn't, hey! You can remain friends with her (or not, if you really don't feel like it) and now you're free to search for others. There won't be someone like her, but there will be someone that can make you as happy.

Trust me on that last part. I know.
User avatar #38 to #19 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
Good point. I think I'm gonna go through with it this time.
#17 to #8 - RisenLichen (03/16/2013) [-]
Do it you glorious bastard. I hear stories similar to this many times, and I've never gotten the chance to go out with another girl. So do it. Do it or so help me god catbug will 			*******		 murder you
Do it you glorious bastard. I hear stories similar to this many times, and I've never gotten the chance to go out with another girl. So do it. Do it or so help me god catbug will ******* murder you
User avatar #39 to #17 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
I'll do it for you <3

and because catbug scares the **** out of me
#15 to #8 - whiteyswag (03/16/2013) [-]
Stop being  bitch nd do it u faggot.
Stop being bitch nd do it u faggot.
User avatar #40 to #15 - iliekcereal (03/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #10 to #8 - studsper (03/15/2013) [-]
I think you should take the chance. If you're turned down It's not the whole world.

I liked a girl, one of my best friends, a couple of years ago and didn't tell her. Do you know what I found out a couple of weeks ago. She liked me back... It gives me mixed feelings. A mix of joy, because someone actually liked me that way, and regret because I didn't say **** .
User avatar #11 to #10 - iliekcereal (03/15/2013) [-]
That's what I'm afraid of. But then again I have no idea what would happen if she says no. Idk if I'd feel better or worse after that. I'm not gonna do it now, maybe in a week or so. I'm on crutches currently, and as of right now, she's the only person one of my classes that I have to carry my books. I don't want to have to ask someone new. lol
#9 to #8 - residentevilwesker (03/15/2013) [-]
Do it I'm currently working on something similar
User avatar #12 to #9 - iliekcereal (03/15/2013) [-]
how so?
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