Lobsters?. Yep, Lobsters.. allt?, omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question to discuss: You' re both lobsters in a t Lobsters? Yep Lobsters allt? omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question discuss: both lobsters in t
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allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
You' re both lobsters in a tank at a seafood
restaurant. Slowly one by one you watch
others be taken out of the tank and
vanishing forever and replaced but you' re
never picked. your thoughts‘?
Stranger: Eh, I guess I' m alright with this.
Stranger: I' m a lobster.
You: I should probably stop shitting all over the
Stranger: I was born and raised to be eaten by
Stranger: I guess somebody will eventually come
along and have a delicious meal.
Stranger: And then I' ll be happy.
Stranger: Hey, I fulfilled my purpose in life.
You: Is bad forthe enviroment and stuff.
You: I GUESS, I mean, I live in a tank.
You: Does what I do really effect the WHOLE
You: I doubt it.
Stranger: I dunno.
Stranger: You can be concerned with tank ecology, I' m
gonna go find a way to entertain myself.
Stranger: I can play with the pebbles, and sorta kinda
maybe not really push you with my ineffectual claws.
You: Try shitting all over EVERYTHING.
Stranger: That' s a great idea there sport, how about
You: Why not?
Stranger: I dunno.
Stranger: I' m a lobster,
Stranger: You don' t tell me what to do, I' m gonna play
with these pebbles and have myselfe great old time.
You: Alright, I' ll just be over here shitting out pebbles.
You: Wait, I didn' t catch your name.
Stranger: Lobster mo Lobster.
Stranger: Fuck, stop shitting out pebbles.
Stranger: I will destroy you.
Stranger: Gr weakly push you with my useless meaty
You: Hmm, really? Any relation to Lobster III
Stranger: Whichever works faster.
Stranger: He was my grandfather.
You: Really?
You: That fucker saved my ass many times in the
Great Lobster/ Crab war of '66
Stranger: He was great, always used to tell me war
You: Damn good grandfather you got there boy. Did he
ever show you that Red Heart he got?
Stranger: Pnly a few times. It was really important to
You: You know how he got it?
Stranger: Must' been rough times, that war. And no,
he neverhood me about it.
You: Well, we were both in the pebble trenches right?
You: Well, this crabby ass bomber was dropping his
payload all overhue trenches, just trying to get one or
two of us.
You: Your grandfather, being the bad motherfucker he
was, scuttled across to the ammo dump and picked up
a full MSW (Melted Butter Warhead) with his bare claws.
You: He swam up till he was almost right underlie
You: Then he reached up and shoved the warhead
right into the props of the Krebs and sent that
mother fucker down in a foggy yellow billow of butter.
You: Some of the butter came back and welded his
underbelly. Thats why he always sat with that damn
blanket on his lower body.
You: [Since we rotated back coast side, the ULSA
awarded him with the Red Heart for his unparalleled
heroism on the battlefield.
You: I' m surprised he neverhood you boy.
Stranger: Stories like these always make me wonder
how you old timers made it through that war.
Stranger: And yeah, he was surprisingly really quiet
about it.
You: By the scales on our exoskeletons boy, by the
scales on our exoskeletons. We were all young, and
You: Ready to take on the world.
You: It humbled most.
You: Scarred some
You: Killed more.
You: But me?
You: Itjust made me angry.
You: So angry.
You: So angry that Ijust wanted to shit on everything.
You: So now I do.
Stranger: Which brings us back to where we are.
Stranger: Hey look, somebody' s coming along to pick
one of us.
Stranger: You wanna go?
You: I suppose its my time boy.
You: It was nice talking to you, I hope you' gained a
greater respect forthe valiant Allied Lobsters from the
Great war.
You: After all, this is the last waiter out of vietnam.
Stranger: I believe a salute is in order.
Stranger: Thank you sir, I' ll try to carry on your life' s
work as best I can.
You: Just remember boy...
You: If you see something?
You: Just sh-
Stranger: "tin"
Stranger: Fantastic, that was the best lobster related
thing I' done that didn' t involve eating them.
You: Agreed.
You: I think we should hire a writer.
Stranger: That would be amazing, yet simple.
You: Tasteful, yet .
Stranger: It' s avant nerdism at its finest.
You: Quite. Avogadro would be pleased.
Stranger: I wonder if UP is satisfied with the answer we
gave him.
You: Gk are you satisfied? Email me at
or Kik at .
You: I feel he will be satisfied.
Stranger: I' m in good condition, thanks forthe convo.
You: Not a problem Mr. Lobster
Stranger: Thanks, Uncle Lobster G' Lobster.
Your partner has disconnected.
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