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#29 - moofinbanana (03/13/2013) [-]
It might be because the NASCAR Stock cars don't have brakes...
User avatar #66 to #29 - itsdonealredy (03/13/2013) [-]
nascars have brakes, they are just so small that they don't do a whole lot.
User avatar #34 to #29 - killerliquid (03/13/2013) [-]
Why the hell would they not?
#43 to #34 - autoxx (03/13/2013) [-]
They have them but the are so ******* heavy that the brakes don't do much.
#42 to #34 - getaloadoff (03/13/2013) [-]
Same reason they don't turn right?
#48 to #42 - beerholder (03/13/2013) [-]
I always thought turning left was to protect the drivers' side in case they smashed into the wall.
#49 to #48 - getaloadoff (03/13/2013) [-]
pfft, what is it with U.S.A and protection? can't they for once just go in raw?
User avatar #93 to #49 - kevinenter (03/13/2013) [-]
That's what we did in Afghanistan, and people still haven't shut up about it.
#55 to #49 - Uranium (03/13/2013) [-]
NASCAR doesn't like killing drivers. F-1 doesn't seem to mind too much though.
#90 to #55 - turdofdoom (03/13/2013) [-]
i remember your name from that war discussion
u remember me ?
User avatar #59 to #55 - tachikay (03/13/2013) [-]
F1 do their best to prevent this by building tracks with enough corners to not allow too many 200+ mph-sections on tracks. One of the most known tracks in the past to be like that was the race-track in San Marino (which cost two drivers, one of them being racing-legend Ayerton Senna) and the old Hockenheimring in Germany, which had lots of long straights.

F1-cars are too light to withstand such crashes with ease, while NASCARs are built like driving high-speed tanks, or so it seems...
#60 to #59 - Uranium (03/13/2013) [-]
NASCAR machine's are pretty damn safe and pretty much every innovation in helmet design since 2001 has come out of NASCAR they had a huge branding and safety problem after Dale Earnhardt died in prime time on their most watched race of the season. I think F-1's biggest problem is having the driver exposed, some pretty horrible injuries and death's have been cause by them being hit with debris.
User avatar #64 to #60 - tachikay (03/13/2013) [-]
Indeed. Just recently (like the past 2 years), Felipe Massa (I think) was hit by parts of the suspension. The parts pierced his helmet and injured him on the head. He was critical for a while, from what I recall, and he's not been driving as good as before ever since.

There's also cases where others (stewards on the track, responsible for flags as well as debris-removal in case of an accident) were hit by debris such as tyres and died from it. Since that happened the F1-cars usually have those parts of the suspension attached to a very strong piece of rope, but that's not always preventing the tyre from coming off...

I do wonder if F1 will ever end up having a closed-cockpit-design, something like the X2010 from GT5 has.
User avatar #79 to #64 - thespecialone (03/13/2013) [-]
no they won't be closed. i mean the rgulations of how a formula 1 car should look like are nowadays pretty strict. not like in the 70-80 where f1 car's even had 6 wheels

And the X2010 from gt5 (now the X2011) is an embodyment of no regulations
User avatar #101 to #79 - tachikay (03/13/2013) [-]
Changes might still happen at some point. Maybe not anytime soon, but maybe at some point in the future.
#70 to #64 - Uranium (03/13/2013) [-]
I'm not sure why the just don't do it other than branding seeing the drivers head in an F-1 car is as iconic and traditional as anything else about the race's
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