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User avatar #4 - chaosacaza **User deleted account**
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(03/10/2013) [-]
I don't get why people still trust EA with developing any games with depth or complexity that aren't HUGE mainstream games they **** it up every time. Look at the game history for the last 10 years like reallly look at it and think. They ruined Mass Effect completely took away anything innovative they could have done with it. Which is supposed to be there most amazing new and innovative title when anyone who has played mass effect will tell you 1 was the best 2 was sub par and 3 was awful. Also the whole "to prevent piracy we have implemented a download feature to get some file's so you cant pirate it anymore" Is complete bull How is that gonna stop anything also did it stop anything? They claimed that we would get "free" updates constant maintenance and had also stated that the DLC that we get which is SO ******* great would be mostly free. Of course I cant blame them i mean they are a business and people keep buying it. Its about time people realized that what they are basically doing would be the equivalent of a coffee shop saying you have to pay them 2 euro/dollars for your coffee and you cant leave the store with your coffee. It will be given to you black with no sugar and cold but if you buy the delux for 3 euro/dollars it will be warm. We will give you sugar and milk somewhere in the near future at different times for 1 euro/dollar each. Then you get surprised when things like this happen?
#3 - habasparkz
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User avatar #2 - derangedberger
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(03/09/2013) [-]
When you finish the game it would say:
"Error: game ending DLC not downloaded"
Then you wouldn't be able to download that because you haven't bough an online pass.
#1 - zyketor [OP]
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