Bing's Uncomfortable Moments 2. new comic everyone, NO PEANUTS /funny_pictures/449632/Bing+Vs+The+Wasp/. Uncomfortable Moments When you ink someone my parents g bing the dinosaur
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Bing's Uncomfortable Moments 2

Uncomfortable Moments
When you ink someone
my parents gala restraining Olden.
against each other
but they really aren' t
its not funny asswipe!
this actually unwise to me)
2 When people ignore your lg Ives
yo mama so tat, when she sat on a rainbow, skittles came out!
lol, high We!
my den:
no peanut for you
hen your watching a film with a guy (or girl) you like the sex scene comes on
moon baby your so not
oh yes... touch
oh Philip! do me
crime beech!
oh batty, so close!
oh oh will "
l have sand
in my vagina
4. when you cant hear people properly, so you just smile and nod at everything
hey, new are you?
sigh" tine, can ijust have a peanut then?
Dedicated to this guy.
because he made me THIS:
how awesome?
Views: 52022 Submitted: 05/22/2010