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#197 - skysailor (03/07/2013) [-]
I can almost always take a joke at America's expense. Plenty of idiots here. I deal with them on a daily basis. After a while it's like, "shut the **** up?" Not everyone here is a dumbass or an asshole.

Fluttershy because **** you.
User avatar #199 to #197 - Accidentalninja (03/07/2013) [-]
I suppose with such a large population and expansive media coverage, idiots are easier to spot in America.
User avatar #201 to #199 - skysailor (03/07/2013) [-]
"Entertainment" involves putting idiots on TV. =\
Makes us look bad.
User avatar #219 to #201 - burdenedsoul (03/07/2013) [-]
case in point, jersey shore, honey booboo, and just about anything on mtv
User avatar #238 to #219 - riathewolf (03/07/2013) [-]
We have a show about some pregnant teenage whore called "The Secret Life of an American Teenager"

So yeah, I guess I can see where some people get those misconceptions.
User avatar #247 to #238 - burdenedsoul (03/07/2013) [-]
not all of us are idiots, granted we have a lot of them, we still have a lot of very intelligent individuals, just like any country really.... except japan... they have more weird people than the entire world has stupid people
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