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#72 - charagrin
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(03/06/2013) [-]
My question is: If the air on Earth was breathable, and they could make food to feed themselves, then why the **** did they need to make a infinity $ spaceship to abandon Earth? Couldn't they have just stayed and cleaned it that way?
#109 to #72 - playapplepie
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(03/07/2013) [-]
The garbage that accumulated from mass consumption brought on by BNL is what caused people to leave. The WALL-E robots were left behind to clean up the garbage over a five year period after humans left. When that five years had expired, everyone would come home to a clean planet. But At that point that there was too much garbage for even the WALL-E robots to clean up, and eventually the CEO of BNL instructed the autopilots of every spacecraft to not return to Earth. 600+ years later the movie of Wall-E occurs.

"Too much garbage in your face? There's plenty of space out in space! BNL star liners leaving each day! We'll clean up the mess while you're away".

I have watched this movie dozens of times.