What The Fuck Florida?. link to the article www.infowars.com/florida-high-school-student-suspended-for-disarming-gunman/. Florida High School Student Suspended  who reads the tags question mark
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What The Fuck Florida?

Florida High School Student Suspended for Disarming
March 5, 2: 313
use pulls gun in wheel bus dispute
A Florida teenager was suspended from his high school last week aim g with tree others after for chi}:
disarming a fellow student who allegedly pointed a leaded gun and threatened sheet another pupil
on a school bus, accordin g news rep ems. the of the suspended students, who has not been
publicly identified due safety cen cans, said he had “nu doubt” that the gunman he helped disarm
was planning kill the intended target.
The event, which occurred in Fem Meyers, has already triggered nan encode and even internate anal
press beverage. It has also sparked debate ab cut statutes purp orton g create so- called "
ames'' at scheels, which critics Lay. make schools inte a ""magot"" for mass shelters. There are
currently twee bills in Congress repeal the cent eversion 1990 "Gun Free wheel Ewes Act.”
The - old suspected gunman in the Florida case, apparently a itsall player, was rep orderly
arrested by the Lee County Sheriffs whee followin g the threat and subsequent scuffle, authorities
At this point, he has been charged with possession of a firearm on wheel pr iparty and
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