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#21 - corkscrew (03/03/2013) [-]
do these ******* not understand suit etiquette?
having the bottom button buttoned? wat?
#60 to #21 - golbot (03/03/2013) [-]
I was under the impression (and a quick google search confirmed this) that that rule only applied to double breasted suits, not single breasted
User avatar #83 to #60 - corkscrew (03/03/2013) [-]
applies to both single and double breasted jackets
jackets with one button = always fastened
two buttons = always, never (top to bottom)
three buttons = sometimes, always, never
four buttons or more (just plain silly but still) = just button the top three and leave the bottom undone

double breasted is different depending on the lapels of the jacket, but the rule still applies if there are three sets that it is sometimes, always, never (top to bottom)
User avatar #50 to #21 - vanoreo (03/03/2013) [-]
Do you think a McDonald's employee would know that?
#23 to #21 - anon (03/03/2013) [-]
Business = 1 button
Formal = 2 buttons
The reason for 1 button for business is they can quickly unbutton their suit jacket before sitting down. it just became a thing
User avatar #31 to #23 - jeengak (03/03/2013) [-]
when there are two buttons the bottom one is left unbuttoned because it lets the person have a better reach for the pocket without popping the button
#25 to #23 - anon (03/03/2013) [-]

The jacket is specifically cut so that a single button (the top) is to be fastened. The only time you would ever button more than one is if the suit jacket has three buttons and even then only the top two.

The bottom ALWAYS remains unfastened.
User avatar #27 to #25 - greenwithenvy (03/03/2013) [-]
>make jacket with 2 buttons
>tell everyone who uses it to it's full function is retarded
User avatar #81 to #27 - corkscrew (03/03/2013) [-]
that is not how suits are designed though
it just looks plain wrong if both buttons are fastened because it pulls it too tight
like that anon said, suit jackets are specifically cut to look normal when only one button is fastened
though he is incorrect with three buttons. top to bottom, it is sometimes, always, never
User avatar #86 to #81 - greenwithenvy (03/03/2013) [-]
then why have two buttons on it to begin with if it's designed to look good with only one buttoned?
#87 to #86 - anon (03/03/2013) [-]
its called fashion....learn it
#88 to #87 - greenwithenvy (03/04/2013) [-]
I know fashion, but there's a fine line between "fashion" and "functional" that's like jackets and pants that have zippers that you would expect to open up to a pocket, but really are just decoration. just why... that's a waste of material.
#89 to #88 - anon (03/04/2013) [-]
Hence the term fashion... its not a waste of material if the designer intended the piece ot be there.....go to a store and learn how to wear the different types of suits
User avatar #33 to #27 - jeengak (03/03/2013) [-]
you obviously never wore a suit with 2 buttons before or the person who sold you the suit is unprofessional...
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