Feels. Dem feels, man.. I suppose "thisnick" passed the feels test with... Flying Colours


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I suppose "thisnick" passed the feels test with...   
Flying Colours
I suppose "thisnick" passed the feels test with...
Flying Colours
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this is more feel then the man can take
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wait, why is donatello the survivor between them? if anyone, it would be leonardo
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Leonardo and Raphael are the best warriors it makes sense that if anything were too powerful for the turtles, they would unfortunately die since they would be front of the line, taking the punishment. Stratagem would get you so far, Raphs pure force and rage would lengthen the fight but in the end if they can't beat them, these two would be the first to go.

Michelangelo sucks and would die the second Leo and Raph are gone. Probably helped in their demise.

Don is the only one who I would see possibly escaping since not just his personality is based in non-frontal combat but even his common use in the battles themselves. This combined with his intelligence would suggest he would not only have the time, but also the judgement to know when to escape.
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and that has any relation to what I said how?
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Did you even watch the video?They made all the turtles battle each other to see who can come out on top.
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I know I saw the video when they released it.
Yes but I was talking if they faced an enemy they couldn't handle and actually had the chance to kill them. Especially taking into account their roles in the show and other mediums where as deathbattle simply had a 4 way brawl.
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Shut up, Donatello was always my favorite one.
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Here ya go, might be useful for a time like this.
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this gave me way more feels then it should...
this gave me way more feels then it should...
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This makes sense. Raph would go first, he's mean but has the biggest heart, odds are he died to save them all somehow. Then Mikey would go for doing something stupid. Leonardo would push Dom outa the way and take a shot, so that Dommy could do some imortant **** to kill Splinter or something. Dom is the smartest, only makes sense he lives last.
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"Dom" "Dommy" What are you ******* E-tarded? DONatello!

DON, DONNIE,MOTHER ******* DONATELLO! I hate to think that I grew up in the same generation as you... ******* Dommy... might as well have put Dobby for ***** sake.
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finally. a use for this.
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c'mon really? Donatello the guy with the stick mourning the ones who had lethal weapons. also turtles don't die. they go to dimension x where they fight their way back.
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**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #124 at Brilliant Charlie **
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Hmm this is how the game on the NES is like, you go in as your fav. turtle, then you're like **** , lets use the tough guy of the group not only does he suck in this game but he has the shortest range, but after Raph dies you use the sword wielding bad ass but he still sucks then like Mikey and Raph he dies but now you are down to the last turtle and all along he turns out to be the best out of all of them. tl;dr TMNT NES should be called Donatello the game!
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So... he killed them?
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raphael and leonardo dies?!
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