Ball's in your court Obama. .
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Ball's in your court Obama

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Submitted: 03/02/2013
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User avatar #194 - elmoose **User deleted account** (03/04/2013) [-]
anyone notice Daniel Craig in the middle?
#190 - holyshitz (03/03/2013) [-]
Bitch please
User avatar #178 - fattyslut (03/03/2013) [-]
wow I can't believe this so fake omg the queen would never.
User avatar #179 to #178 - soarinxdashie (03/03/2013) [-]
You are obviously just retarded.
User avatar #181 to #179 - fattyslut (03/03/2013) [-]
you are obviously a dumb count wow how stupid can you be! fag
User avatar #182 to #181 - soarinxdashie (03/03/2013) [-]
Not sure if troll, or ******* retarded.
User avatar #183 to #182 - fattyslut (03/03/2013) [-]
oh no you're a ******** alright. get your head on straight ****** . the queen is life.
User avatar #184 to #183 - soarinxdashie (03/03/2013) [-]
Amerifag here. Go drink some tea, eat some scones and piss off.
User avatar #186 to #184 - fattyslut (03/03/2013) [-]
oh no you're the dumbass. america is the **** . we landed on the moon and we're fat because we're rich. fact: all other countries suck.
User avatar #189 to #186 - soarinxdashie (03/03/2013) [-]
No... You obviously must be a low GPA dumbass... For starters, you misinterpreted what I said. I'm from America. Colorado to be exact. But you obviously don't realize that yes, the queen is pretty much a badass. Her son was a heli-copter pilot in the military and fought along side our troops. He piloted an apache. The queen always supports the military and is actually mad at Obama for cutting our militaries budget by the billions. So, quit posting and shut the **** up.
User avatar #187 to #186 - fattyslut (03/03/2013) [-]
also shrek is life.
User avatar #172 - Residentpudding (03/03/2013) [-]
I like how she still has someone holding an umbrella for her.
User avatar #175 to #172 - ipaintmyfloor (03/03/2013) [-]
Getting wet is for poor people
#171 - iBlondie (03/03/2013) [-]
#169 - cpthaze **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#167 - apatheticalcare **User deleted account** (03/03/2013) [-]
#147 - turva (03/03/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Hello Queen
#146 - anonymous (03/03/2013) [-]
Must be nice to live in a country where the royalty enjoy 24 hour armed protection and a civilian can't own a simple pistol.
User avatar #165 to #146 - fausticorn ONLINE (03/03/2013) [-]
Gee, because having easy access to Assault Rifles, SMG's, Pistols, etc has worked out so well for the rest of the world.

Especially America and Mexico. No regular gang-warfare at all.
User avatar #188 to #165 - princessderpy (03/03/2013) [-]
9x19 is too powerful of a round in mexicos standards, yes they have 9mm illegal in mexico.
User avatar #185 to #165 - IceViper (03/03/2013) [-]
guns are fully illegal in mexico. And plus, gun violence in the united states causes about .018% of death, meaning out of every 100,000 people, only 18 will die from gun crime. Why people bitch about guns when cancer and heart disease is killing masses of people? I do not know
User avatar #173 to #165 - durkadurka (03/03/2013) [-]
Can't buy assault rifles or SMGs very easily in the US. Very few are legal and cost thousands. Plus there's a ******* of paperwork and authorization that comes with it.

The vast majority of weapons owned the US are semiautomatic.

Not trying to start a debate, just clearing up a common misconception.
User avatar #174 to #173 - fausticorn ONLINE (03/03/2013) [-]
Doesn't stop people from shooting up other people because they wear a different colour bandanna on their face, though, does it?
User avatar #177 to #174 - durkadurka (03/03/2013) [-]
I'd say that's a cultural/ethical/moral problem, but I don't really want to get into it right now. I just wanted to clear up the notion that people are running with machineguns and shooting at each other.
User avatar #192 to #177 - cancer (03/03/2013) [-]
Did I just learn something on fj?
#161 to #146 - dedj ONLINE (03/03/2013) [-]
leave politics off fj
#144 - anonymous (03/03/2013) [-]
only few days in a day and get a smart money .. work at home .. for more see this link and go to home tab.
#143 - turretbuddy (03/03/2013) [-]
>bitch please   
>double barrel shotgun has more blowback than a bullpup even without a stand   
Only real reason to put bitch please is that she isn't wearing sound cancelling headphones.   
Yes I realize she is old but still.
>bitch please
>double barrel shotgun has more blowback than a bullpup even without a stand

Only real reason to put bitch please is that she isn't wearing sound cancelling headphones.
Yes I realize she is old but still.
User avatar #180 to #143 - scapeartist (03/03/2013) [-]
That is the most disturbing gif ive ever seen
User avatar #153 to #143 - IceViper (03/03/2013) [-]
it is definetly not based only on recoil. the enfield is way more badass than a shotgun
#158 to #153 - turretbuddy (03/03/2013) [-]
Back to CoD with you.
User avatar #160 to #158 - IceViper (03/03/2013) [-]
actually, i am a gears of war player rather than a cod fag. Also, i shoot/own guns in real life, just because i guessed incorrectly on one gun doesn't mean i play call of duty. besides, i dont know British or Canadian guns for **** . i am only familiar with American,German, Austrian and Russian guns.
User avatar #157 to #153 - SubjectThree (03/03/2013) [-]
That's not an enfield, that's an L85 bullpup rifle.
User avatar #164 to #157 - IceViper (03/03/2013) [-]
my bad, wrong guess. But you see the slight resemblance, correct? I did not base that guess from call of duty.
#159 to #157 - turretbuddy (03/03/2013) [-]
It's okay, he's just a codkid.
It's okay, he's just a codkid.
#162 to #159 - IceViper (03/03/2013) [-]
i actually am not
#168 to #162 - anonymous (03/03/2013) [-]
Psst. gears of war fags are worse than codfags

And the gun stuff is even more inaccurate in that game
User avatar #176 to #168 - IceViper (03/03/2013) [-]
you are actually ******* retarded. The gears of war community is among the most intelligent, skillful and ****** one out there based on the forums and online play. There are no guns in real life with ******* chainsaws on them. How in any way were epic games trying to be realistic with those guns?
#150 to #143 - ziplockedtie (03/03/2013) [-]
Shut up.
Shut up.
#156 to #150 - turretbuddy (03/03/2013) [-]
Closest thing I have to nou.jpg
Closest thing I have to nou.jpg
#136 - meuk (03/03/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#145 to #136 - spanishninja ONLINE (03/03/2013) [-]
now i feel horrible.
#135 - anonymous (03/03/2013) [-]
My name is Jenny I am sixteen I have dark blonde hair and u can't stop reading now u have started!! I was ******** 7/14 with my fathers shotgun and a butcher knife if u don't post this on 20 other pics I will come kill u in the middle of the night with my dads shotgun and butcher knife u have five hours!! Don't believe me??? Google Maria Marshall, Keisha jones, and Omar
User avatar #142 to #135 - thelegitmetalhead (03/03/2013) [-]
How about nope.
#133 - dreamthrow (03/03/2013) [-]
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User avatar #125 - lieutenantderp (03/03/2013) [-]
That's not how you hold a bulpop rifle
User avatar #140 to #125 - suewingyu ONLINE (03/03/2013) [-]
That's not how you spell bullpup.
User avatar #129 to #125 - deathrinder (03/03/2013) [-]
shes not holding it, its on a stand for her because shes ******* old in case you didn't notice.
User avatar #131 to #129 - lieutenantderp (03/03/2013) [-]
OHHHH, I see it now
#122 - rmoran ONLINE (03/03/2013) [-]
You guys look cute.
#121 - rollcore (03/03/2013) [-]
**rollcore rolled a random image posted in comment #3042129 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE **
#119 - farticle **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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