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Thoughts on sex

The Toddler WI!!!
Walks In on You
I could do this better
myself. It would be a let
easier if we just had sex.
I have idea what I' m
I never knew how long
I' m supposed to last
during this.
Meal for twp with a
hairy mew.
Wonder if my old
SEGA is in the attic...
Boobs. Boobs. Boobs,
Boobs. Been. Boobs,
Boobs, Boobs.
I vender if she' d let me,,,
would be a m easier if we.
just had sex,
He has idea what he' s
I wish he' d finish already.
I' m sleepy.
Wonder if weave get any
ice cream...
My face is up here!
Dear God don' t try to put it
in my butt!
Is that how babies are
Silly daddy, milk deosn' t
cemo from there!
Mommy uses a beky tee!
I need stop letting them
kiss me.
Wonder if these little holes
in the wall like Writs...
Blurbs, Boobs,
The Discovery Channel is
my favorite.
Is that how babies are
Is she geing to throw
that thing I can
fetch it er what?
He has idea how much
better that is when she
uses peanut butter.
I wish they' d finish
already. I' m sleepy.
Watch this! .
I can do that
to myself!
This reminds
me, where are
my chew toys?
I knew this ore!
I remember that trip to
the yet. Not my favorite
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Submitted: 03/01/2013
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#107 - zionsype (03/02/2013) [-]
>Having sex
>"My face is up here! Stop staring at my boobs"
#117 to #107 - udo (03/02/2013) [-]
thumb because seals c:
#59 - theakwardturtle (03/01/2013) [-]
the dogs FW
#3 - neyo (03/01/2013) [-]
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User avatar #11 - tehweave (03/01/2013) [-]
Yes. Because as we know, no woman enjoys sex.

As evidenced by this chart!
User avatar #163 - badgerclan (03/02/2013) [-]
Somehow I got halfway through the 3rd row before I noticed the people having sex in the background
#207 to #163 - cerealgal (03/02/2013) [-]
dont feel bad... I read ur comment and scrolled back up cuz i read the whole thing and moved to the comments without noticing them
#149 - rel (03/02/2013) [-]
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User avatar #156 to #149 - dandamanzx (03/02/2013) [-]
those are the other boobs that everyone loves.
User avatar #164 to #149 - MAHEREX (03/02/2013) [-]
Josh used to have killer moobs, now he's just off acting poorly.
User avatar #159 - maskedguardianmkii (03/02/2013) [-]
Am I the only one who is not interested in anal, like at all? Everywhere I go on the internet, everyone's obsessed with anal like it's the sex from the gods but who would give up a perfectly good vagina for a ******** ?
User avatar #250 to #159 - kagji (03/07/2013) [-]
its much dirtier that way
also, the captcha was SPARTA!!!!
#168 to #159 - zyketor has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #177 to #159 - setittowumbo (03/02/2013) [-]
That's okay. I'm probably the only one on the internet that doesn't have a sex drive.
User avatar #180 to #177 - gammajk (03/02/2013) [-]
Don't worry, you'll hit puberty eventually
User avatar #182 to #180 - setittowumbo (03/02/2013) [-]
When? I'm thirty two...
User avatar #204 to #182 - roflnaut (03/02/2013) [-]
It hits some later than others.
User avatar #187 to #177 - rabbitfood (03/02/2013) [-]
it's ok. I'm right there with you
#160 to #159 - someoneforamoment ONLINE (03/02/2013) [-]
A tight ******** .
#167 to #160 - anon (03/02/2013) [-]
with residual fecal matter in it.
#210 to #167 - someoneforamoment ONLINE (03/02/2013) [-]
Which adds texture which increases stimulation.

just wear a condom.
User avatar #162 to #159 - mrhumperdoodle (03/02/2013) [-]
I agree, it seems kinda gross tbh
#112 - udo (03/02/2013) [-]
"I wonder if these holes in the wall like forks"   
Dear God
"I wonder if these holes in the wall like forks"

Dear God
#43 - shadowbloodedge (03/01/2013) [-]
What is Cunnilingus exactly?
#108 to #43 - sammyjankiis has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #134 to #108 - ilovehitler (03/02/2013) [-]
Maybe he's just never heard it called that, but rather something like oral or eating out
#62 to #43 - anon (03/02/2013) [-]
Are you 12
User avatar #45 to #43 - yunablade (03/01/2013) [-]
Mouth to cunt
User avatar #46 to #45 - shadowbloodedge (03/01/2013) [-]
Thank you for informing me and not being a dick. Appreciated.
User avatar #47 to #46 - Ehwhat ONLINE (03/01/2013) [-]
This day will go down in history.
The day that Funnyjunk was not a dick.
User avatar #65 to #47 - thehandofgod (03/02/2013) [-]

"The day that will GO DOWN in history."

Oh come on, that was pretty funny
#49 to #47 - fritzicuz (03/01/2013) [-]
Can't let this happen. You're all a bunch of 12 year olds....or some half hearted insult
User avatar #69 to #45 - tastycrisps (03/02/2013) [-]
Since were on the "Ask questions about sex' topic, what is missionary?
User avatar #76 to #69 - xplosevdiarrhea (03/02/2013) [-]
plain face to face guy on top. "missionary" since it's the only bible acceptable way.
User avatar #78 to #76 - tastycrisps (03/02/2013) [-]
thank you, I know the positions just not the names.
#77 to #43 - leonjoker (03/02/2013) [-]
The old lickaroo.
User avatar #82 to #77 - sonaa (03/02/2013) [-]
i did math to thumb you up. appreciate it.
#79 to #77 - deltoraquest (03/02/2013) [-]
#150 - lemonaid (03/02/2013) [-]
story tiem

>be 12
>sneak downstairs in the middle of the night
>go on the computer, playing stupid internet game
>hear footsteps coming down the stairs
> ****************
>manage to turn off computer but have nowhere to go without being spotted
>last resort is to hide behind the closed door
>door opens to room, concealing me, luckily doesn't close it otherwise I'd be seen
>Dad's sat on the computer, little confused
>Risk a look around the door
>He's looking at boobs at 2am
>Mfw still hidden and looking a boobs

#153 to #150 - eight (03/02/2013) [-]
Son, I like boobs. Get the **** over it
reb-errd nehsi... im...drunk

User avatar #169 - dayasalion (03/02/2013) [-]
So umm....any girls actually do the peanut butter dog thing?
#4 - teranin (03/01/2013) [-]
#98 - llanox (03/02/2013) [-]
Seems the lady doesn't enjoy any of it...
#100 - bretdeez (03/02/2013) [-]
I found the toddler ones to be a little disturbing
#28 - fukkenchaos (03/01/2013) [-]
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#15 - anon (03/01/2013) [-]
Missionary is actually my favourite one. It's a lot more intimate.
#172 to #15 - anon (03/02/2013) [-]
We found the woman
#130 - VaultTechy (03/02/2013) [-]
Everyone's FW Kama Sutra the first time
Everyone's FW Kama Sutra the first time
#90 - caesarslegion (03/02/2013) [-]
I am a male, I have absolutely no desire to try anal, to me it seems like the single most disgusting thing you can do that still classifies as sex and not gross fetish barf porn or something.
User avatar #93 to #90 - thisonewins (03/02/2013) [-]
-here just to prove you wrong and gross everyone out-

There's always letting her do you that way. Or, or, scat and anything you can do with it.

That's right, bring me your red thumbs. You know they need to go somewhere.
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