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#354 - shortbusterrorist **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #362 to #354 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
He's gonna **** the **** out of the girl in his firetruck bed dumbass.
#369 to #362 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Also, you could build a door onto it and just shut/lock it when he wants to **** . Also, I"m 17 and my virginity it still intact :(
User avatar #372 to #369 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
When I turned 16 I had sex with a girl on my racecar bed, **** was cash. They don't give that much of a **** .
#373 to #372 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Advice please oh great one (not sarcasm).
User avatar #375 to #373 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
Well I mean if they're already into it enough and you are able to get them to your bedroom, It's not like they're gonna say "What the Hell this? Oh, no way I'm doing this bye" your ballsack has a better chance of doing that.
#377 to #375 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
I almost meant of getting a partner, (preferably female) possibly sex later on in the relationship. Also, I have really low confidence so, advice?
User avatar #382 to #377 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
Well like it or not you're gonna have to start out friends with them, but you can't be friends with them for too long, if you just want to screw you still have to flirt with them like it's a relationship. And then you have to get with them like it's a relationship, even if you just want to screw, no girl at your age is going to want to do that. Once you get in a relationship with them never bring up sex exactly, kind of hint around that area, and then when they bite on that, you bring up sex for real as long as it is related to the subject, and the rest depends on what type of girl it is. My idea would to never actually mention sex though more of just hanging out or making out with them, you never really mention just make moves while you're making out or hanging out with them like putting your hands in their pants or something like that, progressivly get their.
#386 to #382 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
I don't want sex right away, and honestly, I'd be happy if I was just close friends with many girls. I have no friends, I kind of like it that way. What do girls/females enjoy talking about? How long should I talk at once? Should I let them talk more, or me? Do most girls like to lead or follow? Assuming we hang out a lot like we are in a relationship, where do I take her? and finally, how do I get a girls number. I am completely stupid on this topic. sorry.
User avatar #389 to #386 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
Do they have a tumblr? This is kind of demoralizing but make a tumblr and tell them that they should follow, this would create great conversation starters such as asking about things on tumblr since you're new and you don't know much about it. Talk about class make fun of some ******** a teacher says or a student, don't make fun of them personally just something they said, lastly, you have to dickride the **** out of them. Just talk to them, nothing can go wrong, it will feel awkward, but every first conversation will, and to be honest, girls kind of like awkwardness.
#391 to #389 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Alright, but what if I hardly ever talk to them or they don't know I am interested?
Do girls wait for guys to ask them out, or do they ask guys out? (which is more likely)
If I was to ask one out, how do i go about it? Here's what I might say, 'Hey, I was wondering if you aren't busy on Saturday maybe you'd want to go see a movie with me?" Is that bad? is there a better way to say it? I have this girl in a couple of my classes as well. Also, by Tumblr, do I ask for their number? If so how? Do i just come right out and ask it? and one more question
what does "dickride" mean?
User avatar #396 to #391 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
First off, you HAVE to become friends with them, you have to let them know who you are, you can't just randomly ask someone, it's going to take some time to do this. Talk to them, talk to them, talk to them. This is very important no matter what it's about, if they blow you off immediately you probably didn't have a chance with them anyways. You want to ask for their number in person, when you actually get to a level of friendship with them I know fj always bitches about the friendzone but everyone uses it at some point. Onver you're friends with them, you ask for their number NOT by Tumblr, Tumblr is just a conversation starter. Then once you get their number after talking to them everyday for a good amount of time, that's when you really start texting them about a little personal things, make sure you don't talk about yourself too much, always ask how they are doing first. and dickride is a ghetto term for kissing ass.
#404 to #396 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
I become friends with them by talking to them though, right?
Also, are looks important? I have a fair amount of acne (although it is clearing up a little). How long does it usually take to become friends with them?
User avatar #405 to #404 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
Dude, I have acne too, it doesn't matter, just make sure you don't go too above your league, like I said talk to them, start with something: Tumblr, homework, assignment, quiz and sports if she's into it.
#407 to #405 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Can Facebook replace Tumblr? More people have Facebook at my school (I think).
User avatar #408 to #407 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
Facebook isn't that popular anymore, you can try Twitter instead of facebook.
#409 to #408 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Hmm okay, and when I ask for their number, How exactly should I say it? I know you said ask in person but should I just come out and say it? Or something like "Hey, text me sometime." and write my number down?
User avatar #410 to #409 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
"you should text me" get them to suggest it mostly.
#411 to #410 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Hmm, how can I get them to suggest it? Any suggestions?
User avatar #412 to #411 - philliyoMLB (03/01/2013) [-]
"you should text me" "I can text you later" "want to talk later?" "ay gurl let me get yo digits" Asking for it in a sarcastic funny way makes them relaxed to do it.
#413 to #412 - tyroneisanigger (03/01/2013) [-]
Hmm alright, I might give it a shot now, thank you sir.
#359 to #354 - nikoxasylumz (03/01/2013) [-]
...I dont think he's gonna have that bed for that long...
...I dont think he's gonna have that bed for that long...
User avatar #387 to #359 - bikester (03/01/2013) [-]
I'm laughing too hard at this gif
#406 to #387 - trapdoeleo (03/01/2013) [-]
Me too I have no idea why I think this gif is funny but I am cracking up
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