ALL ABOARD THE HOOPTY WAGON. Sharing because I had quite the hearty chortle upon reading it.. File : 13028_ .52 MB, 1366x768, ) C) Anonymous ( Fri) hlo. 3227863
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Sharing because I had quite the hearty chortle upon reading it.

File : 13028_ .52 MB, 1366x768, )
C) Anonymous ( Fri) hlo. 322786301
Retail stories thread please?
This happened while working at Best Buy about a year ago.
he. pack of college students order a floor model bluescreen TV for their frat house.
wheel it out to the sportscar they arrived in.
Storry guys, this wont fit, do you know anybody with a truck'?"
look at each other and go dead silent.
The Hoopty Wagon", they whisper at the same time
bro pulls out his cell. "Dude, bring the Hoopty Wagon."
Moments pass before I hear the screeching of tires.
Agnostar van blasts into the parking lot at so mph.
fratboys start chanting "Hoopty Wagon! Hoopty Wagon! Hoopty Wagon!" As it approach es at speed.
van screeches to a halt at the loading dock.
sliding door slams open and a man leaps out with a bloody warm of "HOOP" !"
Marathons start leaping and hollering in circles around me.
god I' m about to die.
the TV into the van as fast as possible.
the entire floor is missing from mat.
it down across some seats and back away quickly.
Okay guys, you‘ re good. Youre good."
leaps back in and the Hoopty Wagon peels out
the spell broken, the students thank me and leave in their normal can
**** just happened?
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Submitted: 02/28/2013
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