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It appears as if the loony heads of JC Penny are putting forth an attempt to be "modern," and expand its sinking demographic of shoppers by attracting the edgy crowd of young female youths (and male fags, possibly) to their stores.

Just like Sears, who shelves degenerate literature such as a guide to zoophilia, JC Penny is not promoting its interests.

Fags comprise, what, 1-4% of the general population? The rate between these mothers, one million, to the possible faggots they've attracted is very lopsided, not coming close to applying an equilibrium, which is the least a company should look for in marketing.
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User avatar #390 to #388 - Keoul
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(02/28/2013) [-]
Actually as you would put it "fags" have the most money.
They have no children to take care of so they the income of 2 grown adults instead of 1 supporting the whole family while one stays at home, and those that adopt obviously have even more money to be able to do such a thing.
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If one million people threaten a boycott over an ad, it would be the intelligent thing to do to simply stop the campaign, remain progressive in ideology, but not push it to the point where it angers that many people (perverting holidays which are meant to celebrate the family unit).

Even moderate "gay-rights" supporters may feel uneasy at JC Penny's deviancy.

User avatar #395 to #391 - Keoul
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(02/28/2013) [-]
I wouldn't call that perverting holidays... it can hardly be called that at all, it's just a lesbian couple on an advertisement about mothers day. gays and lesbians are a part of society that people have got to stop being afraid of, they aren't a disease that your children will catch they won't spread aids like mosquitos spread malaria in Africa and they won't "gay up the place".

I don't understand why Americans are still so up in arms about gays but I do agree with you on the boycott part, maybe it is too soon for that kind of advertisement if people still react in such a way.