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**allmightynig rolls 88**
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well played
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You clearly do not appreciate the " ********** luck" that allmightynig had to encounter.

<--Join this guy.
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Why....does the monocle have to be lubricated?    
Oh, wait I know...
Why....does the monocle have to be lubricated?

Oh, wait I know...
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The girl was mad because of the lack of a second monocle
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"Death to the undead!" Gaimun roared.
He lifted the thrashing skeleton high above his head and held it up to the night sky, as though offering it to the moon and stars.

"They're already dead," one of the soldiers pointed out.

Gaimun glared at him through his monocle.

"Then make them deader!" he growled.

The barbarian dropped to one knee, and brought the skeleton's spine down across the other. There was a snap, and a crunch. Then vertebrae clattered across the rampart. The rest of the skeleton followed, the magic sustaining it broken, until Gaimun knelt amid a sea of assorted bones.

"See?" the monocled barbarian asked.

The soldier merely nodded, his eyes wide -- perhaps realizing why the baron had paid such a high price for the strange warrior's services.

Gaimun grunted his approval, rose, and stomped to the battlements. He gazed down at the necromancer who stood upon the plain, amidst his skeletal horde.

"Are these the best minions you have?" the barbarian demanded. "I came here for a good fight!"
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"Wretched brute!" the necromancer cried. "I'll..."

He paused, squinted, and frowned.

"Are you wearing a monocle?" he asked.

"Pah! Do you take me for a slave? No shackles have ever bound my wrists!"

"You're thinking of manacles," the soldier said.

Gaimun turned to him, a look of perplexity on his bearded visage.

"That glass thing in your eye's a monocle," he continued.

"Ah!" The barbarian tapped the side of his head, lodging that new piece of learning within his ferocious brain. Then he looked back down at the necromancer. "Yes, it's a monocle, you robe-wearing weakling!"

"Why would a barbarian have a monocle?" the necromancer asked.

"I seized this eye-armor from a nobleman's corpse, after I slew him in an honorable duel. As soon as I find another, my eyes shall be shielded in battle!"

The necromancer pursed his lips, ruminating on the wisdom of attacking a castle defended by such a lunatic. After a moment of this he pivoted on his heel and strode away -- his skeletons falling into line behind him.
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-"Sophisticated Spine Breaking" flavor text, Clash of the Dragons.
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**DanLacasky rolls 59**
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**anonymous rolls 782** Why not three monocles instead of just two?
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give credit to SMBC, you ****
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but what about this?
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